Potty Progress

I'm thinking writing daily about potty training K will get old, so i'll be updating this post regularly. Newest posts on top.

9/23/08...Still doing amazing. We only have to put a diaper on at night, naps are super dry times, YAY! Diapers at night though seem to be full more often than not, then leak. They've never leaked any time before. ??!! Whatever, K is doing superbly and we couldn't be more proud of her!

9/3/08...This little cherub of mind is so awesome. Potty'ing in the big guys all over the place when PC is unavailable. Just as long as mommy doesn't let her "pall" we're all good! ;)

8/27/08...If K were a song she'd be "Rock this Potty!" Still doing amazingly well. Morning are dry...even with Monday's middle of the night 3X needing a drink! Super Bladder!

Yesterday we had a new breakthrough. I was getting my haircut again (shortest ever since Kindergarten!!) and she had to go. No PC in sight so I took her to the big potty and held her over it. "My pall my pall!! (i'm going to fall in!)" but I held her and said I wouldn't let her fall in and she went!! WOOT WOOT!

Amazing I tell ya! ;)

8/21/08...Things are going so well. We did have a poop/underwear accident. But she had just gone in the toilet after a few false starts and then a few minutes later after her bottoms were put on she went poop in them.

I'm trying not to over-analyze, she's still getting it. She's still getting used to wearing bottoms w/o a diaper. I'm letting it go.

Naps are dry (if and when she does nap), morings still hit and miss.

Her mind must be running a mile a minute with all the new milestones, I remember reading that often breaks up sleeping patterns.

8/17/08...K did great this weekend minus one huge accident.

First the good news. Yesterday we were at an all day beach event about an hour away. In a diaper in the car and out and about, we were parked a short walk to our car where pc was. Twice during the day K asked to go use the pc!! Each time her diaper was dry!! We were so proud!

Mornings are mostly dry, but diapers will be on for a long while at night. Naps are totally dry MINUS this afternoon!!

K hadn't pooped for a few days and knew she was due. We reminded her a few times and then she had a late nap today. When she woke up (luckily on the couch with a towel) we noticed she had peed and pooped in her sleep! We felt so bad for her. She went swimming today and was just beat (but also relaxed).

Tonight we put the top of the pc on the big potty and used the bottom as a step stool and she peed in the big potty! Two steps forward, one step back.

8/15/08...continued success. K is wearing bottoms (shorts/pants/underwear) with great success. She's going on her own and mentioning it to anyone near. She still needs help pulling the clothes down but she mostly takes them off completely. If and when she naps she stays dry on a towel. Mornings are dry sometimes with a night diaper, but sometimes it's not, but that's a longer process.

We're feeling we can go places now. We tote the pc around with us when the kids go to Yaya and Papa's and she went like a champ both pee and poop there the other day!!

8/11/08...K is amazing. She is telling when she needs to go when we're out and about (like at the store tonight), staying dry in nap-time-diapers, and pulling down leggings, shorts, and undies.

We're ecstatic. What is nice is that we are reminding her less and she is going on her own. I think a few times I reminded her she wanted to tell me to shut the bleep up, but we all do it...we're trying to stop, lol.

I'm wondering if we should keep the pc in it's place and buy one of those little seats to put on the big toilet, practice that.

Pooped twice in the pc today. ROCK!

8/8/08...OOH a breakthrough. K wore shorts (no diaper) to great-grandmas with the pc in the car. We reminded her if she had to go, the pc was in the car. Anyway...we got home and she was still dry. A few minutes later we hear, "mommy peepee pie chair!!" and we go in and she actually REMOVED her own shorts before she went! WOO HOO! We may not have a total nudist after all!

8/6/08...Unbelievable. 4 days, 3 nights and we're still chugging on this potty train! K did amazingly well camping with the pc. Even now she says on her own, "peepee potty chair?" and we go. It's getting so good!

Tonight when we got home her for-the-car-ride diaper was wet, probably from when she napped. After setting up her pc in it's special spot, she went over and filled it near full. Like she was waiting to go.

After dinner out, we got home and I removed the not-yet-ready-for-public restrooms diaper and it was dry! As soon as I removed it she went straight for the chair and filled it again. 10 minutes later, #2 in there!!


8/2/08...So excited! We went to Yaya's to swim and i hoped she wouldn't 'go' in the pool. When she got out and dried off...she went on the pc! First 'away from home' pee. SO PROUD.

We're taking the pc camping with us.

8/1/08...Bladder of steel.

7/30/08...4P, 2Poop, 1 accident. Darn skirt.

7/28/08...Crazy day.

Skipped a nap, well jumped out of the crib and pooped in her diaper.

Stayed dry while we went to My Boy's Karate testing.

7/27/08...At Yaya's today with a diaper...didn't want to worry about accidents today since we were away. She's taking to fussing at naptime/bedtime, midnight wakings, and crawling out of the port-a-crib. One thing at a time.

Amazingly her one hour nap on Yaya's couch left her diaper dry and when she came home we took it off and she FILLED the pc! Yay. Went a second time.

Keeping her routine at home and she's doing so well. PC is behind the recliner (she likes it there for some privacy!)

7/25/08...Now that we're pt'ing we seem to be coming across with another issue. Afraid of the dark. Either that or just separation anxiety. ?? Crying in the middle of the night is wearing after nearly 2 years of STTN.

Went again! Day 2 (so far) of no accidents.

*Went poop in the pc!! A couple stray pebbles on the carpet, but the majority was in the cup!

Twice more tonight. Now i'm thinking she is addicted to flushing.

Another cup full of poop. I don't think we'll ever be able to leave the house again.

7/24/08...Finding that nudity is easier for K to remember to go potty on her own (although the 4 of us are still constantly reminding her.) She went on her own this morning.

She gets very excited stands and yells, "SEE??" then sits again, goes some more, stands and yells "SEE?" again. This is repeated about 3 times and she is officially done. We walk to the restroom (did I mention the potty chair is in the living room behind the recliner for privacy?) and she gets to flush. "Bye PeePee" like it was her good 'ol friend.

Had to have her in a diaper at our company dinner. It was LOADED by the time we got home, but we soon took her diaper off and she used the pc!

7/23/08...FIRST POOP in the potty chair. We found poop on the floor by the kid's bunk bed, but then we found her on the pc going #2 ...ROCK! She got a piece of chocolate for the first poop.

She had gone p once today on the pc, but next was a major puddle on the floor. POOPed a second time in the pc. I'm completely shocked at this. I almost threw in the towel after the puddle incident.

7/22/08...2 times p in the pc, more accidents with panties. :( I think we're asking her too many questions.

7/21/08...1st pee in the potty chair!! I was at the movies and Hubby texted "K peed in the potty chair!"

*Off and on for the past few months we've started K in potty training. From purchasing the potty chair, to buying her panties, we've peaked her interest in being a 'big girl.' This week we made an extra committment to consistency, we'll see where it leads us.

*During Awake time K will be in underwear or commando.

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  1. Kelli @ writing the waves said...

    Sounds like you are making progress! I'm about to embark on this with my son...I'm hoping it will be easier than it was with my daughter. My son was barely 6 weeks old when my daughter decided one day out of the blue that she didn't want to wear diapers anymore. (She was only 26 months old.) That was interesting - nursing a baby every 2 hours, being sleep deprived, and putting Abby on the potty every 5 minutes (or so it seemed.) It was a little much, but all that hard work paid off! Thank goodness! :)

  2. Toni said...

    This is so great Jen!!

    John wants NOTHING to do with the potty. NOTHING. UGH.

    Did she show signs she was ready?

  3. Rebecca said...

    WOo-HOO K is going so well, she is almost there Jen!!

    Nate is peeing really well now, goes by himself and ::knock on wood:: no pee accidents for about a week now....but pooping.....that is a whole different story.

    I said to DH I will wait another week with the peeing just to make sure he is really good with it then start working on the pooing busines. lol

  4. Lori said...

    I am working on potty training my two little people that are 2 and 3 and at this point I am really frustrated. In some ways the 2 year is doing better than the 3 year old...he will have to go but holds it for hours(it's like he has a hard time letting it go) until it's like a damn burst...which most of the time ends up all over the place...ugh!

    We are trying to follow this 3 day program and today is day 3 and supposedly this is the day we are going to see results. In this program no diapers or pull ups are allowed for nap time or bedtime(they say it is because this confuses them)...naptime it's been okay but nighttime is NOT...they are waking up with themselves and everything soaked. I am going to be rethinking this whole idea of no diapers for bedtime. From reading your journal on this, it seems to be working for you to use them for sleeping.

    Any advice or tips you might be willing to share with the engineer of this potty train? Anything at all that you have to share would be so appreciated....I don't want to give up but these puddles upon puddles of pee are starting to wear on me.

    Glad that your K is doing so well! Way to go K!

  5. Anonymous said...

    My K just accomplished this same task in June. It's such a relief to not have to lug around a diaper bag everywhere!

    While she can sttn and wake-up dry, we still take her potty before we turn in at night (usually around 12-1AM) It helps her a lot.

    Keep up the good work K!

  6. Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

    We are just starting, and this is very encouraging!

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