After a LONG week, we were thrilled to meet up with our friends Molly and Bill and their family! They were here visiting from Nevada where they've been for nearly 3 years. I have a great number of friends that once lived in my town and have since moved on to other cities in CA, as well as other states. Molly is one of them. Bittersweet to see her, as we do have to say goodbye until July!

We met up at the Tech Museum of Innovation with all 6 kids in tow, and had a great time visiting as well as checking out all the cool gadgets and gizmos surrounding us. Robots spelled out our names in blocks, drew pictures of us, the kids rode a mock bobsled, entered an MRI machine, and even arm wrestled a virtual opponent!

We watched Wild California on an IMAX screen that made us feel as we were climbing the sequoias, surfing the Pacific, and snowboarding in the Sierra Nevadas!

Our future engineers worked to fashion an energy efficient water turbine engine... as well as directing light to power solar energy.

After our brains were pumped full of science for the day, we took a nice walk downtown and sought out lunch. The Old Spaghetti Factory was a short walk, and so worth the wait! As we said our goodbye's to our friends and promised to meet up again in Lake Tahoe, my heart ached. When the kids all get along, the husbands have things in common, and the moms are best pals, time spent together is so special, and so missed!

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