Not me.

My parent's next door neighbor. The same fool who told my dad point blank yesterday, "we saw someone climbing over the fence, glass breaking, and a black "car" in the driveway." He claimed he called the police, but 2 hours later when the police came after my dad's call, they said nothing of having been out here earlier. Suspicious, hells yes!

After a few hours of clean up and making a list of the missing items, I decided to call the PD back. I asked if they could tell me if a report was indeed called in yesterday before my parents actually found the crime scene. The officer on duty was off for the night and we needed to touch base tomorrow. Well my dad did. The police found out that the neighbor indeed called 1 hour AFTER they had already come to the house and investigated. HUH?

I just knew something was wrong there. They were trying to corroborate their story. Which in hindsight, if they were smart, they should have kept their mouths shut.

The police took this information to investigate further. Shortly 3 cop cars drove up to the neighbor's home and out came suspect one in handcuffs and he sped off to the station. The other 2 cops came to my parents house and mentioned they had a search warrant for next door and they'd keep them posted. Out on the lawn came my parent's computer, next the mouse pad, then the monitor. "Are these yours?" My parents nodded. Out came another officer with HANDS FULL of jewelry, "any of this familiar?" Unfortunately no. Item after item was brought out onto the lawn, appliances, women's purses. We could only claim the computer and a camera, but we knew these neighbor's (who just began renting 2 months ago) were bad news. The person arrested was currently on parole for theft.

What makes me more sick is that as we were in the home, cleaning broken glass, putting the rooms back together, checking out the yard and the evidence (window hole made my a pick-axe left on the side of the house)...and the neighbors were casually sitting in their back yard chatting in low voices having a damn barbecue! Celebrating I suppose.

The neigbors were many different family (?) members driving in and out of the home all day, different cars, different faces, not 'living' there persay, but just using the place as a resting place while on the go. Only one was arrested today...the others are still around somewhere. I fear for the safety of my parents. I wish it felt 'over.'

Edited to Add: The neighbor's girlfriend came to my parents and said, "i know who did this and how to get your jewelry back, it wasn't my boyfriend, he just lives here and got caught (again)." I swear this is a horrible soap opera. I would have moved out 12 hours ago. Thanks for the concern you've shown, I've read your comments and I really appreciate your love.

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  1. Our Two Blessings From Above said...

    That is a little scary!
    I would fear for the safety of my parents too.

    I hope this all works out for you and your parents, to where you feel safe again in your own home.

    Big ass dog?????? just a thought!

    Looking over your blog it looks like you are in the area not to far from where I grew up.
    We were really hoping the Sharks would go all the way!

    Well good luck with all of this!
    Try and have a good Mother's Day weekend.

  2. Ann Harrison said...

    Man! Jen...
    And to hear them in the backyard having a BAR-B-QUE?!?! I'm coming unglued just thinking about it!
    Positive thoughts and prayers are headed your parents way. (Some for you too;-> )

  3. ** said...

    Sending more love your way. Geez

  4. Tara R. said...

    Wow... that is incredible. I hope the guy is convicted along with all his sketchy family! The bastards!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Okay, first of all you are should be a real life CSI person. That was smart thinking!

    I am so sorry for this happening to your parents! That is just insane that it was the neighbors right next door! wow.

    I will pray for their safety. And yes, a dog would be good.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    I just read your previous post as well... And I just keep wondering what the hell is wrong with people?

    They need a more productive [legal] hobbies, obviously.

    Well, I hope somehow they're able to recover more things, and that your parents will be able to start feeling safe in their own home again SOON.

  7. Christina said...

    My goodness, that's all just crazy! Like something out of a movie. Their very own neighbors?! Sheesh. I'm glad they at least caught the perps, and hope everything else is recovered.

  8. Vicki said...

    I sat here with my mouth hanging open. The AUDACITY of people!! WOW!! I just can't believe it. When you said the computer came out, I had such hope it was all in there.
    That is so creepy that they were right next door. Your poor parents, I feel so bad for them!!! I pray that the other guy gets caught and then maybe you all can have some peace.

  9. Anonymous said...

    creepy and shysty!!

    Lucky for your parents you are near by to help out.

  10. Susiewearsthepants said...

    I haven't been over in a few days. I'm just getting caught up. I am glad at least ONE of them was caught. Can your parents afford to have a security system installed?

  11. Sue Wilkey said...

    OMG that is awful. Trying not to be un-p.c., but these "extended family" situations are usually bad news. My mom has that where she lives. Uncles and cousins and boyfriends....when you allow that many people, the odds are there's going to be some bad eggs in there. I agree with the other posters: a dog and/or security system.

  12. Anonymous said...

    I'm so glad your parents weren't home when they were burglarized. What a creep! We were burglarized while we slept in our beds last summer. Bastards took not one, but TWO purses (I was in transition from spring to summer), and although they were caught weeks later, I have yet to get my purses back (or anything else), because they had to keep it "for evidence." Totally stupid, in my opinion; they couldn't just take a picture of my Driver's license and give it back to me?! Anyway, I hope your parents get everything back!
    P.S. Thanks for popping in today! I love Kate, too; she's a real character :)

  13. Anonymous said...

    Talkin' about comments at mbc thought I'd leave you one. What a story. I hope all is well!

  14. Kacey said...

    How scary! I hope they catch all the people involved - and your parents recover their belongings, as well as their feelings of safety.

  15. Susie said...

    you poor thing! I'm sending some prayers to you right now!

    Are your parents OK? Will they stay at your house?

    I agree with the dog thing. We have one and even though he's as gentle as a mouse--he's as big as a horse and NO ONE comes near him if we are not around. He's got a big bark too.

    take care---try try try to have a good mother's day.

    I'm happy for you that one of the burlars were caught.

  16. Amy said...

    OMG!!! That is horrible! Coming from someone who was just ROBBED, I am so sorry. It is the worst feeling to have someone violate you like that. I am so sad your parents had to go through all that!!!!

  17. Anonymous said...

    Man, I suck. (((Jen))) -- I had no idea this's been a week or so since I've caught up on my blogs :( I am so sorry, and I'd be terrified, and upset, and just pure MAD too. I feel so bad for your family, and hope they get those f-tards.

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