Heat + Competition = Mommy Drinky

It's been a long hot day in these neck of the woods.

So warm we hit Yaya's pool.


Morning and evening dip.

Well not me, but the competitors.

That's right my children, their friends and cousins...and lots of competition.

What was the prize you ask?


But glory I suppose, bragging rights.

But everything in a 8-11 year old's mind is about competing.

And rules, that change every second.

And winners, who are usually your friends first then your siblings, then cousins in that order.

Then the losers cry.

Then mom yells.

Loud, because there are 6 kids in the pool making noise.

Who can make the biggest splash?
Who can dive the straightest dive?
I won the race.
No I did, I touched your hand.
But you were supposed to tag the side of the pool.
Those are my goggles.
That's my floatie.
It's my turn.
Who can do a cool cannonball?
Can YOU do the pencil?
Who can retrieve the most pennies from the bottom of the pool? In the shortest breath, the least amount of breaths, can count to 6000 underwater, can burp the loudest chlorine burp, who can hog the goggles the longest, who can cry the loudest when someone doesn't share, who can annoy mom the most in one afternoon so she is ready for a bottle of hard alcohol by 5pm and she is NOT SHARING?!

Who wins the contest?


For living through another day without ripping my hair out strand by strand.


Go me.

Man it's hot.

Who's going to pass out the earliest tonight only to probably repeat this all again tomorrow?!


I win again!

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  1. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    I get tired just watching two toddlers play in a water table.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Wow! Hope it cools down a bit for you!

  3. Patrice said...

    lol! YAY you! Way to win! ;)

  4. Anonymous said...

    Don't forget - "Look at me!!! Look at me!!! Look at me!!!! Did you see it? Huh, huh, huh..."

  5. Sandi said...

    We must be living in the same house with the same children. But thank God we don't have to share our drink!

  6. Swirl Girl said...

    Yeah- but isn't if fun, fun, FUN?

  7. Michelle said...

    Awesome! There are 3 neighborhood kids myt 3 always play with and their little "tifts" make me laugh. Can't everyone just play nice and get along?

  8. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Sounds like a great time...I can hardly wait!

  9. The Mother said...

    My kids' pool sold margaritas by the side. I drank a lot of them.

  10. Jenni said...

    Mom wins every night at bedtime!!!

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