Our New Pet


Hold on a sec....

I'm still vomiting a little in my mouth.

Every time I think about it I need a shower.

In Clorox!

So we're sitting watching the Next Food Network Star and my hubby gets up at commercial to refill his soda cup.

I see him get down on the floor in the kitchen and am all...what the?!

"Hub, whatcha doin'?"


In the reflection of the oven I see him crawling quietly across the floor.

I summon DQ to go check dad.

Is he okay?! Is he drunk on Diet Pepsi?! Too much sun today?!

She comes back pale and says, "dad saw a mouse!"


No. He. Didn't.

He saw it run from under the dishwasher and back.

The bile in my mouth is gagging me.

We swore about 6 months ago some flash ran through the living room, could have been a mouse. We chalked it up to bad vision and need for an updated glasses prescription.

But, this time it's for real.

Hubby ran out for some mouse traps and set them.

Now we wait.

My computer is steps from the kitchen.

Will I hear the snap?

Will I hear a squeak from the poor disgusting animal as his head gets pinched between some Monterey Jack and a spring-wire?

Will I be curious enough to want to see it?!



My Boy also chimed in to mention, sure, he's seen the thing lots of times running in the living room!



"Mom, I told you."

Um, no I'm pretty sure I'd remember that.

Poor kid thought he had a pet and was probably feeding it string cheese this whole time!

Or the damn thing has been living off the crumbs in our couch.

Either way, I'm never cooking again, it was seen in the kitchen last.

*yes, a rational reason!!*

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  1. ninja said...

    Vomiting over a mouse? Maybe over the fact that it has to be killed so brutally. And all that shower in clorox is more then over reacting. Being scared is one thing and totally understood but You seemed overly disgusted by it.

  2. Kiki said...

    Yuck! We had mouse issues a while back a couple of times. Our last incident involved a momma mouse who had just given birth to her babies in my hubby's shorts drawer. One of my greatest fears is mice, so I ran out of the house crying hysterically, carrying my son who was also crying because I was crying. Hubby grabbed a blanket and a frying pan. You can only guess what happened next. I still relive that day in my head often. I'm always looking for mouse poop or listening for them at night. It never ends. Have a wonderful day and take care. -Kiki

  3. Laura Marchant said...

    We thought we had ONE in our garage 2 winters ago. Turns out there was EIGHT! I hope you number isn't that high. **Shudder***

  4. Ash said...

    Our exterminator told us to make sure to eradicate the whole problem since mice entice snakes.

    Pretty sure he was just trying to up sell me.

    And for the record, go straight for the poison green squares, those damn things are too smart for the cheese-on-the-trap routine.

  5. Tenakim said...

    I swear to you- in our last house we had mice and we almost moved because of it (I put it out of my mind when everyone started making fun of me.)

    They totally freak me out! I could tell you some stories, but I don't want to scare you, so when they're gone- let me know- then I'll tell you.

  6. Christy said...

    Wait till you start hearing it in your walls. Sorry - shouldn't have told you that.

  7. Ashlee said...

    After I read your tweet about this last night I was scared to go to the bathroom cuz one might be in my house waiting to crawl across my bare foot while I walked through the house! Mice are soooo creeepy!! Hope you catch him/her/it FAST!

  8. Heather B. said...

    OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Don't you just love how your children "tell" you things and you have no recollection?? Sorry about the mouse. We had a rat, and when I say rat I mean RAT, in our garage and oh my...............

  9. Tim said...

    Oh wow we've had a few of these in our house and a mouse trap (the spring ones) never worked. They would take the bait and they never went off. We got the sticky boards and that was it! NO MORE MOUSE! Before we got those kind we had to catch them on our own by blocking off the entire room and flushing it out of where it was so that it could be caught. One time one ran up my leg into my shorts while trying to catch it.. I admit I screamed like a girl. LOL There I admitted it.

    Love and Prayers,


  10. Unknown said...

    Oh yuck. I totally feel your disgust. I hate mice. It makes me feel like I have to disinfect everything. I hope you catch it soon. Sometimes we've had to resort to those sticky traps to get them.

  11. Anonymous said...

    eeeeks!! Keep your feet up.. !!!

  12. Aimee said...

    Yikes! Not a good thing to find running around your kitchen at night! Hope you catch him soon!

  13. 3 Bay B Chicks said...

    Paper plates and take-out all around is definitely in order. Perhaps even a entire kitchen renovation?

    One can really never be too cautious. :)

    Excellent, excellent post!!


  14. Rachel said...

    We had rat issues a while back when one of our neighbors started doing construction.

    They are VILE little creatures.
    Good luck hon!!! Hey, everyone reacts to things differently.. overreact if you'd like too ;-) mwah.

  15. Gena said...

    Ok I am gagging with you! EWWW. This is why I have CATS! :)

  16. Unknown said...

    Your story is just too funny. I am sitting alone laughing. A mouse in the house is not a funny thing, they leave little droppings everywhere. I hated them when we had one. Decon and peanut butter became our friends. Good Luck.

  17. Over Coffee - the green edition said...

    Hey Jen,

    Our household just dealt with the same problem (although your recount is much funnier than mine was). After cleaning out all our shelves and putting everything into sealed containers we wiped the shelves with peppermint oil and filled cracks with steel wool. No more mice!
    Good Luck!

  18. Angela said...

    That made me gag! A few months back we had one run across the living room floor. My stepson and I were FREAKING OUT!! He literally stood on the kitchen counter. I called Hubs and told him to go directly to the store. He came back with sticky pads, poison and traps. THEN he took the dishwasher apart. Happy to say we think it left through some hole since it has never been seen again. I DO NOT LIVE IN HOUSES WITH MOUSES, I DON NOT LIVE WITH THEM OF THIS I'M QUITE SURE ~ DR SEUSS!! Fortunately this was our first and hopefully only encounter! Hope you catch the little guy!

  19. Anonymous said...

    I am on your side on this.... I actually am not scared of mice at all.... if they are outside that is just fine, but I do not - repeat DO NOT want one in my kitchen - so far I have been very blessed and have only two mice in my house ever. One got caught in the basement in a giant drawer and died... the other made a comfy little home behind my sofa - made a nest out of dog hair and ate and drank from the dog dish beside the couch until one day the dog got wise and chased him right out!!

  20. Khadra said...

    Mice suck. Our cat will drag dead ones around the house. Fun stuff with toddlers.

    Love the next food network star...

  21. Keyona said...

    Ew! I'm right there with you. I don't even think I could SLEEP knowing it was in my house.

  22. Krystal said...

    All I gotta say is EEEWWWWWW!!!!

  23. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Oh, I was staying at a cabin for a girls weekend and there was a VISITOR there...it was sooo disgusting. I opened up the drawer to pull out a spatula and that sucker was stuck in the trap..in the drawer. Lets just say that we decided to go out for breakfast. Good Luck!


  24. Sincerely Iowa said...


    Be sure and bait the trop with a hefty spoonful of flour. The mice love it, and it takes them forever to eat.

    And don't worry - they usually get caught at night anyways...so don't worry about hearing the *snap*


  25. Michelle said...

    I can handle many home invaders but I am really scared of mice. The scurring two and for freaks me out.

    Decon is the best thing. I know you have a 3 year old but if you can put it under things like behind the washer, under the entertainment center. Last time we only saw the mouse once, put out the decon, and never saw it again. It was only when we moved out that I saw it had ate two of the eight boxes of decon I put out.

    Good luck. We have ants here in Maryland and they make me crazy but at least don't scare me.

  26. Fun Things Kids said...

    I understand how you feel, we get them ever winter since we live in a house 100 years old and there are a thousand places for them to get into. They usually stay in the basement or our attic but this past year they made it to my kitchen-yuck! Evertime I used anything in our kitchen I washed it 5x's becasue I was so grossed out. My hubby only uses crunchy peanut butter becasue it's so sticky- good luck and I totally feel your pain!

  27. Anonymous said...

    We had a mouse in our old house. It only came out after everyone else went to bed and I'm the only one that would see it. Hubby thought I was seeing things, until one night it almost ran across his foot. GAG!

  28. Sugar Mommy said...

    Darn mice! We had one when the triplets were a few months old. We set live traps, cuz I was too wimpy to get a spring loaded one. Well it found the sticky trap and stuck it's feet right to it. My mother-in-law was here over night with me, hubby was away for work. She took the "houseguest" outside and ended up falling down the front steps and broke her foot. Just be careful when you catch him! Like I said...darn mice!

  29. Liz said...

    ewwwwwwww! I hate mice, too! They seriously gross me out!!!!!!

    I finally learned that if they're taking bait off the trap, pull out a needle & thread. SEW a raisin or other piece of dried food onto the trap & set it. When the mouse has to yank & pull to get the raisin off (it won't come loose), it'll set off the trap. And if you have more than 1 mouse to catch, you can re-use the bait umpteen times! No more grabbing the bait & running for me!

  30. Unknown said...

    Pecans. Mice prefer pecans not cheese. I'm just saying.

    Good luck with that. :)

  31. Mel Fraase said...

    Eek! Not a fan of mice, although we've had one here. We never did catch him. With 4 kids he's probably not going to starve to death any time soon!

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