Pregnancy Craving

Pregnancy Craving? Or Just A Little Nuts?

The Mom Jen has flown the coop and left all of you, her dear readers, in MY very incapable hands.

(Obviously I’m totally incapable. I’ve already caused all of you to completely flip out by putting the word “pregnancy” in the title!)

Apparently, she thought replacing one Jen with another Jen would go completely unnoticed by all of you.

You can pelt her with stones later.

Right now, I need your opinion. Because I’m not completely sure this is normal.

I am pregnant.

(Yes, I know, THAT part is normal, you could give me another thirty seconds to explain!)

Anyway, I’m SUPER pregnant, as in the I’ve-only-got-eight-weeks-left-to-go-ohmygod-is-that-gas-or-a-labor-pain kind of pregnant. This is baby #2 for us – the first, our lovely Miss Priss, being 2 ½ years old, going on 14.

So far, this pregnancy has been a lot like the first. No morning sickness (I know, you can hurl the stones my way next), no major pains, and everything showing up on the ultrasound where it’s supposed to be.

But there’s this one thing I’ve been doing - actually, I can’t STOP myself from doing. It happened during the first pregnancy. And now that it’s happening during this second one, I’m starting to think that perhaps this is pregnancy related and not just me being a nut job.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit to, but here it goes…



Law & Order.


And The Mentalist.

And, well, pretty much anything that shows a dead body within the first five minutes, then spends the following 55 hunting for the killer(s).

Which they ALWAYS catch.

Cause that’s the beautiful magic of TV.

I swear, I used to have a more diverse television viewing schedule. I used to watch comedies, for pete’s sake! Now I get excited at just the prospect of an L&O Criminal Intent marathon.

Sometimes, I don’t even want to watch these murder/mystery shows. And yet, when the guide pops up, my thumb automatically and inexplicably clicks onto an episode of Law & Order SVU. One that I’ve already seen three times. That. Day.

I watched so much Law & Order with Miss Priss, that I half expected her to scream “duh-duh” instead of crying when she was born. To this day, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing and run into the room to dance to the theme song. As if it was recorded by the Jonas Brothers or something.

So is there any kind of cure for this?

Or are my children doomed to become a lawyer, a police detective, or a felon straight from the womb?

And do you think there are words that go with the Law & Order theme song?

Any advice you can bestow would be much appreciated.

At least until The Mom Jen comes back and instructs me on what I should actually do.


I love having other bloggers write here, I should do it more often!! Check out the beautiful Jen, who posts regularly at Happily-Ever-After-Land


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  1. Anonymous said...

    I think its uncontrollable.. When I was preggo I couldnt stop watching a baby story.. and crying.. why I did that to myself over and over and over again I'm not sure.. I blame the hormones!

  2. The Mother said...

    As a pathologist who spent most of her first pregnancy cutting up dead bodies, I can safely assure you that the sight of corpses (real or imaginary) does not in any way affect the psychological state of your unborn child.

    Of course, he did become an engineer--that in itself is pretty weird.

  3. Martha said...

    LOL, my DD12 has been a fan of CSI since the early years! She still loves to watch all of "those" shows with me. I think she turned out okay (so far....)

  4. Ali said...

    I believe you are the female version of my dad! My hubby loves Cold Case and we always try to guess the killer--it's always the one they first talk to and is least suspected!

  5. Native American Momma said...

    I would have lost my mind, I had to watch Chelsa Lately while breastfeeding. Now, that I am not breastfeeding she just isn't at funny. I blame it on lack of sleep, maybe if you can figure out how to sleep more.

  6. Kim Milius said...

    I'm pregnant as well & have a 16 month old. He comes running in the room to dance to the NCIS theme song, so when I read that part of your post, I just had to bust up laughing! At least my little guy isn't the only one!!!

  7. Swirl Girl said...

    I guess it's better than watching un-reality tv...or taking out your cravings for real (as in being one of the 55 hunted perpetrators!)

  8. JenEverAfter said...

    Thanks so much for all those comments! You all are making feel a little less weird. Or maybe you're just humoring me - I'm obviously a lost cause!

  9. Pam said...

    it's funny, i never watched those things while pregnant. someone said something about baby story. the only time i watched baby story was when i had that urge to get pregnant again lol then i had my third/last. the urge was gone lol. these days i rarely watch tv so i don't know what to tell you. maybe you can counter balance by letting the baby listen to classical?? lol my son would tell u l&o criminal intent sucks and that svu is the only one worth watching haha :)

  10. Unknown said...

    Sorry, I'm no help. But if you can help me cure my pregnancy milkshake addiction my thighs would thank you! : )

  11. Unknown said...

    Great post and nice to meet you! i love all of those shows too, in fact they're the only ones I watch besides soaps lol. I'm off to check out your blog now :)

  12. Jenni said...

    The cure for that is SOAPNET, girl! You need to fill up on daytime dramas and some classic 90210!

  13. SavvySuzie said...

    Ok that is just creepy. I am expecting in just over 4 weeks. And whenever those EXACT shows come on, I am glued to the couch. I do put on Jeopardy but it's only because it passes the time until NCIS starts. Or The Mentalist. Or Criminal Minds. Mondays on ION TV they show THREE HOURS of NCIS and I am in heaven. Is that so wrong???

  14. Anonymous said...

    I can't help you with the 'pregnancy connection' and watching certain shows. I'm struggling with a bit of addiction myself. I can't stop watching reruns of The Golden Girls. Maybe it's me reminiscing, or maybe it has something to do with the 'cougar affect'.

  15. This Real Mommy said...

    Something is seriously wrong with me. Son is 4, Daughter is 2 and I am still watching Law and Order, NCIS, and The Mentalist. I don't think I will ever be able to give up the addiction. :)

  16. Louisa Claire said...

    I was so interested in your post because ever since I was pregnant, and now that I have my little girl I can't bring myself to watch any of those CSI, Law and Order shows (the latter I find particularly repugnant). Strange how we go...

  17. Lorie Shewbridge said...

    I was laughing hysterically at your post, because I watch all those shows and love them. I read all those kind of books, too. I'm not pregnant and haven't been for VERY many yrs. My husband hates those kinds of shows, so I have to TIVO them and watch them when he's not around - he thinks they are "just gross". So, I don't think you are crazy, and I think your child will turn out to be one of the SMARTEST children in the world - my kids watched with me and still do (as well as Jeopardy!), and they are 2 of the brightest young men in the world!! No bias on my part of course. :-)

  18. MeghanM said...

    OMG, I watched Law & Order for hours and hours every night of my 2nd pregnancy...what's up with that?!

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