The Most Random Store Ever.

Do you shop at Goodwill?

We do sometimes.

Well, "shop" is not quite the word.

We go in and observe...

...we look at things with a curious eye.

We stopped in today after lunch.

Strolled through.

DQ made a comment like, "what if we find a shirt and realize it was the one we packed up and sent here?"

That would be wild.

We do send all our old stuff there.

What are the chances it gets distributed right back to our little store?


We were kinda looking for Christmas lights, just a few strands for our fake tree.

It came with lights attached, but some are not working anymore.

We found out, at Goodwill, anything Christmas related is broken.

It's where Christmas decor goes to die.

Seriously people, if it's broken, or literally shattered, don't donate it!


Boxes of half broken bulb ornaments...come on!

I did find a pair of boots there though that I love.

Chunky heel.

Wear with jeans.

Gently used, not thrashed.

They were like $2.50.

There's a rock that rolls around in the heel...but I'm cool with it.

I call it "character."

Oh and we found a bar stool just like our own.

We bought ours at Target for $24.99 each.

Ours swivel.

This one, doesn't...and it's selling for $59.00!!


Club Penguin Mancala game..."oooh cool!" My Boy says.

He's super into Mancala right now.

We open the mangled, taped-up box, just the case.

No stones.

No sign of anything "Club Penguin."

So very random.

I guess I just have to chalk up the store as a "big indoor garage sale."

With a Forrest Gump twist.

You never know what you're gonna get!

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  1. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    I get so distracted store like that. Thrift stores, discount stores, and some outlet stores are so chaotic that I can't seem to focus on anything and I just wander around in a daze without finding or actually seeing anything.

  2. Laura Marchant said...

    I think I need a picture of these boots.

  3. Honey B. said...

    Forget the crap you can buy, how about the people? Its like Walmart on steroids. Last time I was there I saw an entire family of three generations, all in pajamas, with maybe four teeth amongst the five of them. Wow.

  4. Ambrosia @ The Purple Booker said...

    Yup I shop at Thrift Stores and Goodwill because thanks to medical bills can't afford to shop anywhere else. But if you take your time and look you can find some nice clothes. I generaly dont look a the decor and such.

  5. Tara R. said...

    We check out the neighborhood Goodwill occasionally. Mostly the kids go when they are putting together their Halloween costumes.

  6. harlisha said...

    Hi, The Mom Jen. I think your blog is fantastic. I do shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores. In my major metropolitan area, most are very clean - especially Goodwill. It depends on the day, but I regularly find brand name clothing, high end kitchen gear, and books. And I have seen Christmas items still in boxes. Sure, there are instances in which the item should have been trashed, but at my regular Goodwill, it seems like they go to great lengths to make the store appealing.

    I go for the thrill of the hunt.... and there are many others like me of all income levels.

  7. Anonymous said...

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