Me and Brad Pitt. You Know, Your Normal Monday

My friends called last week and asked if we wanted to head over to Oakland for the day on Monday.

To hang out with Brad Pitt.

And totally in the non-stalker way.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jonah Hill will be there too.

Well, that's sounds awfully random.

Sure, what the hell, I was going to clean the toilets, but that can wait until Tuesday.

Then I thought, why would Brad Pitt come to Oakland, it's like Hollywood's distant armpit cousin.

And, what's he doing with those other dudes?

So they're making a flick about the Oakland A's called Moneyball and filming at the Colisseum, Brad is playing former general manager Billy Beane.

I'm not even there yet, but we're on first name basis.

Basically it's free, you come decked out in A's gear, park for free, nom on free food, win prizes, and get bragging rights that you were in a movie with Brad Pitt.

Hubby was all, "yeah, I read the book," trying to sound all smart and stuff, but I totally thought he'd love this because he's been an A's fan since birth.

No brainer.  "Hells, yeah! Pick us up!"

So we get to head over, be part of the action.

They film over 2 weeks, about 300 people in two shifts a day.

The stadium crowd is like CGI'ed so they don't have to get 18000 people to fill the stadium.

DQ and our friends' two girls are coming too.

They are currently working on posters to take, trying to stand out.

Because if you do, they may pull you aside and ask you to be a paid extra!


But, how cool would that be?

I have K's pink A's foam finger ready..

Maybe when the movie comes out, you'll catch glimpse me in the background.

Giving the finger.

Classy, no?!

So, what does your Monday look like?

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  1. Sherri said...

    I'm cracking up, because hubby and I were just trying to figure out this morning WHY Brad Pitt would be in a movie about the A', who would he play??! You answered our questions! How fun that you are going!

  2. Anonymous said...

    There's been a lot of this happening around here lately since Michigan passed some huge filming incentive tax break thingamajig. So very cool! Have fun!

  3. Carol said...

    That was so not like my Monday. This one or any other. I will watch for the pink A's finger.

  4. Barbara said...

    LOL. This makes me wanna come join you guys. Alas, I'll be a couple cities away looking for you and the fam on the KTVU news broadcast =)

  5. Michelle said...

    So, how did it go? Sounds fun!

  6. Unknown said...

    I am a tad bit envious! how was it?

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