On the Road Again (Alternatively titled, "Shoot Me Now, Border Patrol")

Just about 24 hours in the car will make anyone rummy.

Like a total car zombie that wants to jump out at any moment just to rid themselves of the straight-jacket of seatbelts, static-y radio stations, and the smell of feet and corn nuts.

Though today, we drove through our first ever Border Patrol checkpoint, and walking aimlessly on the highway might have put me in a Mexican prison.

That's totally not offensive either.

I'm Mexican.

And, we were within a stone's throw of the border.

The BORDER of the US and Mexico.

Did you know there's this black fence that keeps us from our southern neighbors.

I really wanted to touch the soil just beyond that fence this morning, but my husband suggested otherwise. 

"See that mountain, it's Signal Mountain.  That's Mexico.  Just LOOK at it, we're close enough."

Oh well.  I did SEE Mexico today.  A first.

Plus a lot of other little towns like Calexico, El Centro, Yuma, and Holtville.

My husband's old stomping grounds when he drove tomato harvester in his youth.

Oh and I did see the Colorado River, twice this week.

We went to Arizona to spend a second Christmas with my husband's family.

It was very nice.

Arizon's housing is incredibly inexpensive, "from the $118,000s and 3-4.5 car garages!"

Not to mention there's a Walgreen's, Home Depot, and Dunkin' Donuts on every street corner.

Plus lots of rocks, brush, and cacti that look like they're flipping me off.

My SIL's family is moving back to CA next summer, so this was the last hurrah for the family to enjoy the holidays there.

Looks like we'll never have to drive further than 30 minutes to spend holidays with our family. 

Thank goodness, because this road trip may be the final straw that broke The Mom's back.

If I hear "are we there yet one more time...."

I'm going to fly for the rest of my life.

Happy New Year!  Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011.

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  1. Unknown said...

    wow just wow...i remember when we stole across the border....wow again....I am looking to hook up with Thousand word Thursday...maybe I need to go and rethink my photos for today....

  2. Carrie Lynne said...

    so you won't be singing "On the road again..just can't wait to be on the road again.."

  3. Michelle said...

    Road trips with kids can be rough. Our road trip this summer wasn't bad but I broke the driving up into shorter days and different stops along the way. I know that isn't possible if you are trying to get somewhere in a hurry. The only day I heard any complaining was our 7 hour driving day but it was minimal. I think it was the worst for me because hubby wasn't with me so I had to do all the driving :-(

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