Not a Jump House, but a Jump SLIDE.

It's birthday week for K and I.

Well more for K, I tend to spend about 3 birthday MONTHS celebrating all that is me.

And, yes I totally deserve it.

That's what my hubby says.

And, I believe everything he says.

He's like the internet, he never lies.

So after the plethora of baseball meetings that are totally cramping my reality TV plans during the evenings this week, the weekend is TIME TO PARTY!

First, it will be all Lalaloopsy up in here with probably close to 400 hundred kids coming to celebrate K's SEVENTH birthday.

Okay, so I invited about 25 kids, and you hope and pray guess about half show up right?!

Nope, not our parties, we invite 25 and 40 come.  I'm not sure how that happens, but siblings of kids and neighbors, and even teachers from the school show up.  It's a mad house of fun.

To boot, we ordered a jumphouse..and not the box-ed in, dog-pile, WWF kind, it's a SLIDE.

It's going to be like Wipeout for kids. 

Just add the 35% chance of rain and all hell may just break loose.


I don't know how many more kiddie parties I'm allowed but if this is the last one, they we're going out with a bang.

So then after they deflate the slide and pull the last kid off the plastic, it's my party!

Myself and 13 others are going to stack ourselves into a limo like I did back 3 years ago, and we're going wine tasting then to dinner!

OOH it's going to be fun and crazy, and wild and fun. 

Did I mention I'm turning 40!

I'm going to try not to take a turn at the jump slide because I can already forsee a broken hip.

BUT, if that slide is still there after wine tasting, anything can happen!

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  1. freddie said...

    Boy this party sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. This could make a great block party! I know our family would love it.

  2. Amy V said...

    Happy birthday to you two! Wow, that limo ride sure sounds like fun!! What a blast!

  3. VickieC said...

    now is it cold where you are? an is it outside? too much for me ,that many ppl would get on my nerves,an how to do feed that manyw\ when you dont know how many are coming?

  4. Elisabeth said...

    I'm not gonna lie, I'd be a little scared if I were in you position!... about the slide thingy, not turning 40. ;)

  5. Katharina said...

    Happy birthday... sounds as if you have some great things planned. Don't blame ya about the jump slide. :-) Katharina

  6. Unknown said...

    happy birthday sounds like lotsa fun

  7. won said...

    If it had rained, a water slide sounds like fun, too!

    Hope you had a good time.

  8. Kayla Rice said...

    Now that sounds like a fun party :)

  9. slehan said...

    Jumping and sliding sound like fun to me - I wouldn't even need the wine.
    Happy Birthday to you both!

    slehan at juno dot com

  10. Deanna said...

    A family I visit in Czech rented one of these last summer. So much fun.

  11. Anonymous said...

    Happy Birthday and it surely sounds great and awesome.

  12. Tammy S said...

    This sounds like a great party. It is every kids dream to have one of those big blowup houses or slides for their birthday. What a great idea also going out for your birthday in a limo. Hope you had fun!

  13. Unknown said...

    Great post! Sounds fun!

  14. Robin Wilson said...

    It's kind of hard to comment on events that happened over 2 years ago but both sound like they would have been a blast to attend. I wish I could go back in time to the days when my son was that age. It was the greatest age I think!

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