Go Walk the Fish

So the topic of pets comes up here and there.

DQ (dancing queen, daughter, age 9.75) abhors dogs, just about as much as I do, but we saw the most darling golden retriever puppy when we were in Tahoe. "OOh, I would love THIS dog if we could get one!" Yeah, but they don't stay that small, and cute, and cleanish-smelling, and ankle biting.

Kinda like the cell phone at age 9.75, no way, no how.

We already have outside kitty, Maggie. She's cool, she'll hang around for about 5 minutes once fed and then she disappears into cat world, we only know she's near by the stench of cat poop and the occasional midnight cat-fight.

She's low maintenance, we can handle that. The five of us are enough to maintain.

My Boy(son, age 7.5)--What about a fish like the red one we had?

DQ--You can't walk a fish! It doesn't fetch either, just swims in circles, and eats it's poop.

Ooh we're on to something. No walking necessary. No ruined shoes. No poop stench. Self-cleaning?! Genius.


We're heading to the pet store this week.

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