Need a Design?

Would you like a blog button to advertise your site?

Interested in a custom Header for your blog?

I will create something unique for you! Check out the following slideshow of buttons and headers I've made. This is just a sample.

Site Name Buttons 150X150 or 125X125 ---$7 each
Sidebar Buttons (state size requirement) ---$7 each
Headers (please state your size requirement in pixels) ---$13 each

Email me with your idea, the following is helpful...

1. Link to your website
2. Colors/style desired
3. Size of header/buttons
4. Exact text desired

Payment will be by Paypal only. Email me at if you are interested!

11 supporters in group:

  1. flickrlovr said...

    Love all of them! Thank you SO much for being so generous and making me my 2 buttons :)

    I love 'em.

    P.S. You have so many fantabulous CTT headers! Gah! How do you choose? Haha.

  2. PMKU said...

    Nice work! They really pop!

  3. Rachel said...

    Those look great! Lol, we have a lot of the same scrap kits.

  4. Rachel said...

    Those look great! Lol, we have a lot of the same scrap kits.

  5. Jo-Jo said...

    I may get you to do a header for me if I can figure out what I want and how to get that info you need! LOL I am so in the dark on these things!

  6. WeaselMomma said...

    I so need a header for World of Weasels. I have no idea how many pixels or how you figure that out. As far as what I want, something cartoony? Any ideas? Artists choice?
    Can you take a look at
    and tell me what I need? Can you also tell me, when the time comes, how to install it?

  7. WeaselMomma said...

    I would also like a blog award to give away. Like an Oscar, but a golden weasel standing upright on a base. Called a Golden Weasel Award of course.

  8. jen aka mommay said...

    Thanks for my Cookie Exchange banners!!!

  9. Mc Allen said...

    hgmmm, se I liked you before I even knew you are so talented. I would love a header, actually I woulkd like to do a whole new template and found some at TCBOTB but I want 3 rows and have no idea how to do it... can you email me and I'll tell you what header idea's I have and I can ask you some questions!? Thanks Jen!! LA

  10. Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

    I would LOVE to have an awesome header like everyone else!
    Can I have your suggestions?
    It doesnt have to have picture sin it, I can put them in the sidebar. Love the cute cartoon people...can you make the ones that look like...well I will just email ya! :)

  11. Anonymous said...

    Just curious to what program you are using to create these buttons/headers and wondering if you also do logos? Advise pleaase or email me at with the info.

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