TV Thursday

OMG how could I forget?? Thursday night is the best night of the week for TV (thank god for DVR's)! Survivor (Ozzie's hot), Lost (Sawyer's hotter), now LA Ink. *you didn't know I have 2 tattoos* Plus, the strike is over so the Office, Earl, and Scrubs will be back on! We like that new series, Eli Stone, it's so good! Dh swears his voice is the same as Ferris Bueller/Matthew Broderick. Not to mention the music is cool (I was a closet Wham/George Michael fan back in the 80's and had their CASSETTES!) Young people are going, "WUUUT? what's a cassette?" Yah, i'm THAT old!

Oh gravy, one more...Celebrity Apprentice! I'm still not sure why I like this show, I know it's not to see Trump's pink ties or very bad hair each week. Anyway, before you think we spend too much time watching TV, it usually takes us about 4 days to watch all the recorded stuff, makes for something to watch on a boring TV Saturday night.

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  1. Toni said...

    Cool Blog Jen! Looking forward to future posts :)

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