Potty Training: Part Deux!

My baby girl is 2 now and a few months ago we bought the infamous potty chair. Some of you may recall the video I emailed with her playing cars around the yellow cup-racetrack and then dropping her cars into the cup.

That cup is important, stuff needs to go in there so it can later be flushed to Neverland. Not to little K, hers is decorated with "stickews" and is a great chair for Groovy Girl dolls and a perfect parking spot for cars. *Sigh* Don't even think of sitting her on it! Mommy even sat on it and she laughed. Luckily, we're early in the game and still have time....

Poor Groovy Girl!
Is this the face of someone excited to use the potty chair?
Good thing that yellow cup is there, otherwise Groovy Girl would be on her way to Neverland!

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