First Grade Hears a Who

My Boy is so excited today! His class and the other first grade classes are all going to the movies to see Horton Hears a Who. And, they're walking to the theater from school. I'd guess it's about half-mile, but we're talking 6 and 7 year olds. They will begin the trip all pumped and excited, high-fiving their friends, practically running to get there. Guarantee by the time they hit the doors of the theater they'll have been whining and complaining that their little toothpick legs ache and they can't walk another step. I also think someone will fall asleep during the movie. It's a hunch, but I taught first grade once, I know these little characters!

The kids and moms were instructed to NOT send any extra money for munchies, everyone is getting popcorn and a drink. From experience, there will be that one chaperone mom who'll buy a bag of candy for one group of kids and not there will be more whining and complaining, and because I'm a betting woman, TEARS too!

I was invited to go. Unfortunately, K is not quite ready for primetime, not movie theater-trained. She did sit fabulously during the IMAX show on Sunday, with popcorn and drink in hand. But, this movie is twice as long, so I don't want to risk it. Not to mention, I wouldn't have a car to escape in, and there's the small fact that I'd be "in charge" of a handful of other children that I couldn't bail on.


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