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My girlfriend sent an email to list my favorite top 10...whatevers. Top 10 fave movies, top 10 household tips, top 10 ways to help the environment....anything! I must say the lists that are coming back to me are so fun to read, and some are very useful! I've been racking my brain for some creative ideas for my list and finally came up with.....

Jen's Top Ten Inventions to Make MY Life EASIER!!!

10. Automatic Toilet Cleaner. This would help tremendously if it would also use a robotic arm of some type to wipe the seat that is often sprinkled on by one small boy in my household, I won't mention any names!

9. Soundproof Car Window between the front and back seats. This would work like the windows in limousines. It opens when the kids are napping, closes when anyone starts fighting, whining, or crying. ;-)

8. The Money Tree. I promise to keep it alive, not let it grow out of control, or drop leaves in my neighbor's yard. I promise to pick it's glorious "fruit" daily! Preferably $20 varieties, similar to an ATM.

7. An UNDO Button. You know, like that "Easy" button Staples has. Well, I want the undo button for times when I take that first sip of coffee and it burns my tongue and I can't taste or enjoy food for the rest of the day. Or it would be most handy when I casually cruise through that stop sign near my house because any more time in the car with screaming children may drive me insane, and that bored cop cruising the neighborhood sees me and decides to meet his quota by pulling me over! Not that it's happened...but just in case it does...

**UPDATE** This Exists...I'm 1 step closer to an easier life! 6. The Washer/Dryer in ONE unit. Why have 2 when one can do the whole thing? Maybe we wouldn't lose so many socks this way. Hubby wanted to chime in that this is HIS idea.

5. A No Solicitors Invisible Fence similar to those gadgets to get your pets to stay IN your yard...well this one would not let these annoying people INTO your yard or close to the front door. *yeah I'm still bagging on these poor salesmen

4. Going with the same idea as the Undo Button...how about an UnEat Button? For those times when you ate too much (or drank too much) and regretted it later, or the next morning. Like the time you were dared to eat an entire large pizza and did it...and hated yourself the next day. Okay, hate is a strong word!

3. How about a Brain Cell Bank. You can store your brain cells before you lose them all. This would be helpful when DQ brings out her 4th grade math homework and asks for help. I really didn't remember it being that hard when I was IN fourth grade....now I just say, "um...i'm busy right now, I'm sure dad will help you when he gets home!"

2. Blur, Sharpen, Hard Light, Soft Focus Tools for people. Right now you graphic designers, digiscrappers, and photoshoppers are all nodding your heads!! Use it on your skin, contour your midsections...kind of a self-esteem edit. Most of you are going, huh?!

1. Finally...never thought I'd finish this post... Smell-0-Vision, or Smell-o-Puter. For times when watching the Food Network and Rachael Ray is describing how delish her dinner smells. Or when browsing Pioneer Woman's blog and drooling over her chocolate sheet cake!

Feel free to add yours in my comments section!

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  1. Sous Chef Mom said...

    I am will ya girl... but you know they have a washer/dryer combo out there... ;) But its so expensive that no normal person can afford it ;)

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