Okay, so I saw the trailer to the Sex and the City movie last week and it left me drooling and begging for more, eager for the release at the end of May! Love, love, love that show! My friend Mere and I are already planning the Girl's Night Out for it!

I digress.

When I wake up for the day, my mind is usually a cluttered mess that can only be organized properly after a cup of coffee. A large 24 oz, half regular, half decaf, 2 sweet 'n' low, no cream to be exact! *insert title of today's post here*

I don't go every morning to Java Express, but I'd like to. Their coffee is just the best. It just doesn't compare the store-bought junk I have at home.

Also, I think the exposure to other adult forms in a semi-social setting is what I long for , so it has me coming back many times during the week. Or maybe it's the addictive properties of caffeine, I'm not sure which...

I had a nice little chit-chat with Barista Girl today. I don't even know her real name. I do know her face, and she knows me and my car as I pull into the drive-thru each, I mean on the occasional, morning. I LOVE when they have my cup ready and waiting for me at the window. That's when I tip them! They KNOW ME, they really KNOW ME! So we had a nice little chat about K's braid and how cute she is in the back seat waving at all the Baristas that begin to crowd the small drive-up window.

Then the discussion came to, "Are you having anymore kids?" This question always stops me cold and then I begin to sweat...always has to come to THAT...don't people know there are politics, the environment, and gas prices to be discussed?? Anyone care that it took $60 to fill my car yesterday? How about discussing the top 10 things we can do to GO GREEN? NOPE! Don't care! My reproductive status is always the big question of the day for friends, relatives, strangers, and Barista Girls. Unlucky for me, I was the only car waiting, so I was forced to answer the question, when I just wanted to lay on the gas and get the heck out of there. "Who knows?" I said and shrugged my shoulders. I grabbed my cup of love, tossed the tip into the cup and drove off. Maybe I don't need daily adult conversation.

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