SEVEN, 7, VII, 4+3, 2 years 4months younger than DQ, 4 years 11 older than K, Siete, Halfway to 14, 1/3 of the way to 21!!

My sweetheart, My Boy, Shermie, MoyBoySoyBoy, Clerkie, Bud, "King", Brother, I can go on...

Seven years ago...

My Boy at one day old. He never did take that pacifier! Always daddy's buddy!

One year

The face only a mom would kiss!

Age 2
So fun and full of life...and a bowl haircut!

3rd Birthday....let's go fishing with Papa!

4 years old and in preschool....the same one mommy and big sister DQ went to!

5 years old, such a little man! Yaya took him for his first Big Boy haircut for his Star Wars party!

6 years old and going to school, learning to read, starting karate!

Seven years old, purple belt in karate, chapter book reader, mountain bike rider, Happy Birthday sweet son,

I love you!

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  1. Toni said...

    Happy Birthday West!! What a great group of photos!

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