very quiet and they'll go away!

I don't know why this bugs me so much, but I was harassed by a door-t0-door solicitor today! The second time in 2 weeks! Even when I fashion a sign in bold letters stating, NO SOLICITORS and put it in our window right next to the door, they still ring the bell! Maybe they can't read?! Maybe they don't care. I wouldn't care so much if I lived alone. I just wouldn't answer the door. But when you have kids, the ding-dong of the bell is like a track-meet gunshot signifying the start of the race--who can get to the door the fastest. I usually don't allow the kids to open the door without me right there. But, there's that window with half-torn-down vertical blinds. When they all hit the door with a thud, they scramble the blinds in different contortions to peek and see who it is! *Kids if you're reading this, the blinds have a pull-string....oh nevermind!

Now, I have to open the door. What I want to do is point to the sign in the window and say nothing more, but I never do it. They just begin their speil about the carpet spray that also removes driveway oil stains, and promise that I will be awe-stricken when their presentation is over! UGH! How many times can I say, "sorry we're not interested!" before they can give up? Four times today actually. 'But i'm trying to win a trip to Florida.....' they tell me in their saddest voice, 'I only need one more contract.' Don't guilt're not a cute little girl in a brown or green vest selling cookies (By the way, I ALWAYS open the door for them! mmm...thin mints).

Once I was putting K in the carseat of my car and the garage door was up and they walked right up to me and started on with their speech. Are you kidding me? Can you see I'm on my way somewhere? I proceed to get in my car and the guy is still talking!
"I'm sorry i'm LEAVING!"
'Too bad for me,' he says! No, because you'll just go to the next house and harass them...I'll stew on this all day and then go write about it in my blog! Too bad for me.

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