Feels Like Spring!!

Yay, the weather is gorgeous here in California, I'm so eager for Spring! Took a bike ride with the kids minus DQ who was, what else, dancing today at a hip hop convention. The ride was nice until we began a slight uphill ascent. Oh my aching quads! *note to self...exercise more! But, Hubby was very patient with me and assured what goes up, must come down. So I plugged through a few tough spots and envisioned the wind flying through my hair on the ride down! K babbled away in the kiddie seat behind Hubby, turning and saying "c'mon mom" every few minutes as I finally got off my bike and walked. I'm proud to say I did get back on the bike for the rest of the ride, looking ridiculous in an easier gear, but my legs are thanking me for it. The ride home, as promised, was a breeze. I hardly pedaled, just coasted.

Besides the weather, another way we know Spring's nearly here....allergies! My boy has them and takes meds for them. We usually wake up to his sneezes each morning, sometimes 3 sometimes 4 in a row. Luckily his allergy pill is teeny, he takes it easily. His eyedrops are another issue, they sting so it's a daily drama.

To finish off the great Spring day, we're BBQ'ing. Spring Training baseball on the radio, the slightly toxic scent of charcoal lighter in the air. Like Pavlov's dog, I'm drooling for a smoky burger and a beer.

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