Spring Forward!

Daylight Savings seemed to come early this year. Were we ready for it? For the most part. Our 5pm baseball practice needs sunlight, the field doesn't have lights! It's nice that when Hubby comes home he can still play outside with the kids. I like that I am not subconciously tired before I need to be because it's dark out.

The kids aren't too happy with it. "It's really only 7pm....can we stay up an hour longer??"

I do that too, the "it's really only...." thing, it's fun for about a day or two after the time change, then it's old.

It's worked nicely so far for K. She was waking around 6:30-7am lately so it's nice that she gives me an extra hour in the a.m. At night though, of course the opposite, she's up still right now because "it's really only...8:30pm" even though the clock says 9:30. Jokes on us! But she's a good girl, just hanging out on the couch with her blankie, winding down after a full day.

Those are the socked feet of a baby that's just chillin'. Older brother and sister are in bed, she's hanging out with mom and dad. Life's good.

P.S. We think DQ is allergic to strawberries...but that's a story for another time!

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