Loose teeth, molars, and fairies, OH MY!

Boy, do we talk about teeth alot!

So the story goes, a child loses their tooth and puts it under their pillow. The Tooth Fairy flies in from ....Tooth Fairy Land and takes the tooth, leaving some cold hard cash in it's place. From there the TF delivers the baby teeth to infants and toddlers everywhere, replacing their gummy smiles with shiny, white (used) teeth! That's the story we know and love in our household. Funny thing is, the cycle works out just that way with my kids each time. When DQ would lose a tooth, baby My Boy would always sprout one soon after! It happened on a few occasions! My Boy just lost his first tooth last week. Guess who just got a new second-year molar? K! We're a regular tooth-recycling plant here!

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