Who's on First?

Gorgeous day for baseball practice. My Boy is sidelining karate on Monday's for his other passion, getting grass stains! He thinks I don't know that he's trying to get his pants dirtier each practice. *note to self, buy spare white baseball pants!

Lately he's been telling people first base is his favorite. He does like getting all the action there, and putting guys out! At this stage in the game all the boys get to play a different position each game, sometimes they change each inning. Mixes it up. I enjoyed catcher when Hubby and I played co-ed softball, My Boy, can take it or leave it. Of course everyone of them on the team like hitting best! It's a boy thing!
The Devil Rays look good this year! It's also nice when you have a very supportive group of parents! We have a team mom that jumped into the job and gets to do all the dirty...I mean fun work. Like making practice-reminder calls, designing and making the team banner, collecting fundraiser money...fun stuff..*coughcough...pardon me.

I did it during My Boy's first year in TBall. Really, not that bad. But, it's nice that Hubby is coaching/managing like he has for the last 3 years...we'll just give another willing mom the chance.

It's hard to believe My Boy will be SEVEN on Wednesday. Some of these boys were in his preschool class, even one is from a toddler group he attended! I remember those days like they happened last week.

Look how much fun he's having!

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