Smells like Easter & By the numbers

Mmmm...who doesn't love the smell of 21 eggs hard-boiling on the stove?

I'm joking, my computer is near the kitchen and I'm gagging slightly on the stench.

6 little hands anxiously await the dunk and dye process. DQ has done the math, 7 eggs each. The older two will probably get a few more each, as K will tire of the ritual of coloring the eggs and will proceed to dye her hands 5 shades of blue. As well as my table, her shirt, and probably the floor.

Thanks to Hubby's love of soda and my water bottle addiction, the "kids" brought in $13 of recycling money! They do help by drinking water, and they did sort some of the cans and bottles, so they earned it. Although the gas it took to get them to the recycling plant probably cost $12, but we won't mention that.

Ugh, nothing like making my psoriasis worse with the stress of my prescription to lessen it! $385! That was AFTER my insurance covered $100!!! That is for a large tube of cream. I already bought 4 others plus an $80 vial of liquid gold apparently! I had to tell the pharmacist to hold the cream until after I went home and sold my car to finance it. Highway robbery I tell you!

K placed her bottom on the potty chair this week 2 times! An increase of 1 time from last week! Whatta big girl!

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