A Big Hunka of Peanut Butter

DQ loves dipping apple slices and peanut butter. She had a vision the other day

DQ--Hey mom look it's Elvis!
Me--Ha! You're right, let me take a picture...
DQ--Hurry, i'm hungry
Me--Dang this camera stinks, let me try again
DQ--Still hungry (drool)
Me--Ah! Too bright, let me try with the flash off
DQ--You're killin' me here
Me--God bless it! Blurry!
DQ--My fingers came out clear. I'm eating it.
Me--All right go ahead!

Does look like him though, doesn't it?!

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  1. Michelle W said...

    Just wanted to say I love your blog. I forget how I stumbled onto it, but I've been reading and enjoying! I've even added you to the blogroll on mine. My blog is pretty new. If you'd like to check it out it is http://sometimesdisgruntled.blogspot.com

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