Girls Gone DICE-y

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These are my peepz, the girls known as my Bunco group! You know that dice game...roll ones the first round...3 ones is a bunco....3 twos gets the KOOSH?! Also the only game you can win "most losses." Fancy that, a Loser's award!!

Once a month, most often on a Monday, we 12 get together at an alternating house, enjoy a great dinner and play with dice. Remember my Bunco Chili recipe? I made it for these gals! Almost sent one to the hospital...but she forgives me....right Regina?!

Last month's Bunco host got creative and gave our night a theme! Ooh...there's a fun twist, why didn't I think of that? After a year and a few months together as a group, we've yet to throw themes into the mix. Most often our challenge is cooking for twelve, and what would our meal consist of. Would you serve drinks? Dessert?

The theme was obviously 'headwear.' I say that instead of 'hats' only because Mere came in dingleboppers, or deelybobbers, whatever those antennae-like headbands are, and that counted.

I loved that no two were alike. The Jen's (I'm including myself here in the 3rd person) wore baseball related headwear. But it was cap and visor, two totally different things. There were 2 cowboy hats, but one was clearly labeled a 'stripper' hat, so again, completely different.

It was fun, went over really well and everyone is now concentrating on their theme for an upcoming game. One we joked about that night was 'wear your wedding dress.' Many of us still have ours, but the thought of slipping my body back into the dress made for a 23-year-old skinny, non-mom was purely hilarious. Then we thought we could tie them around our necks as capes...but that was just silly talk, cocktail-induced silly talk.

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