The Countdown is ON

I keep repeating this, but I cannot wait for this movie! I hope it does not disappoint!

The soundtrack info was released and it looks like a winner. Fergie. Jennifer Hudson. Come ON, Run DMC and Aerosmith! I'd pay $8.75/ticket just to listen to the music!

Just thinking about the movie, I'm craving a cosmo. I even took the liberty to make myself one of the girls---see my sidebar---> I'm a Charlotte.

Who are YOU?

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  1. Ann Harrison said...

    Oh I can't wait either!!!
    I'm a combo of Charlotte and Carrie. I was so sad when it didn't work out with Aidan.
    (Or maybe I should write... I was dysphoric when the interconnection between Carrie and Aidan became disjointed. Will that up your blog's reading level? ;-> )

  2. The Mom Jen said...


    Oops there are all my extra letters that are bogging me down.

    Thanks for the help, but I think my first sentence just cancelled it out! LOL (I did it again!)

  3. The Princess of her two Peas said...

    I will be in line on May 29th lol just kidding but I will be going May 30th!!! I've been waiting 4 years for this movie...worth it!

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