The Doctor Is IN... (there somewhere)

Am I the only one who feels some visits to the pediatrician are merely Tests of Motherhood?

Can she take being in a crowded waiting room filled with other sick, itchy, crusty-eyed, hacking children besides her own?

Can she keep her shit together while her 7 and 2 year old pinch, poke, annoy, bite, lick, and sniff eachother? no really it was the pediatrician's office, not the vet!

Does her patience wear thin after that one hour, 30 minute-mark hits WITHOUT seeing the doctor?

Can we make her feel inadequate as a parent? Let's intoduce her to the mother of an 18-month old girl who's completely potty-trained and in the 45 minutes they were together, the little girl said, "PEE" twice and they rushed off and went pee.

The answers are No, No, Yes, and What the? YES!

The verdict is My Boy has seasonal asthma brought on by serious allergies, and right now, a sinus infection. Advair, a second Allegra a-day, Prednisone, and Amoxicilin, prescribed in that order.

Our pediatrician and her staff are awesome, don't get me wrong. Plus she gave us the Prednisone and Advair from her sample stash, that's probably a $100 saving right there.

It was a busy day there. It's Friday, I was confining my kids to a 2-inch-square space so we wouldn't catch any of the other crud floatin' around. The potty-trained girl was mocking me, what? diapers? those were so in my 17th month! goo goo ga ga.

My Boy did pick up on something going on with K while we waited. Her hair in pigtails made way for the backs of her ears to be exposed. She has dry, itchy skin back there and it was currently red and inflamed. Add baby sister to the chart. Turns out she doesn't have mommy's psoriasis, just a little touch of cradle cap. Nizoral once a week and hydrocortisone should nip it. I hear that little girl again, cradle cap? that was so in my infancy!

Please don't call a shrink on me, I REALLY DON'T hear 18-month olds chastising me in my head, or chocolate bars calling me from the fridge.

Ooh did someone say chocolate bar? I'd love one.

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  1. Heather said...

    Hehehe, you are adorable and funny as heck to boot.

    Yes...I totally agree about dr. visits. And if you think K having cradle cap is bad...LMNOB has a patch of it that has been there EVER since she was a will not go away, but it's also not problematic so what do you do? Leave it...

  2. ** said...

    Running to the mirror..... do I have cradle cap?

    You day sounds crazy! I'm so glad you got samples. Meds can get SO expensive can't they. Holy crap cakes.

    Sending feel better vibes to the house of chocolate bars.

  3. ** said...

    I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! I just caught it!!!!

  4. Tasha said...

    Love your writing! Love your new hair!

  5. Carrie said...

    Awww...aren't doctor's offices fun...and 18 months old and potty trained? WTF? She needs to come and teach JJ...he'll be 3 in a few months. And he loves the diaper.

    Sorry to hear K's got cradle cap...and that the boy isn't feeling so hot, but hopefully the new meds help him out!

  6. Amanda said...

    What is it with these other women and their, "She was out of those diapers on the eve of her 18 month milestone," they're everywhere. Them and the and the ones who drop little gaily decorated bags of baked goods with holiday appropriate missives on every day from Boxing Day to United Freedom Workers Day.

    Hang me from my unpotty trained thumbs right now.

  7. Anonymous said...

    Having sinus issues myself - and having major surgery b/c of it - I have made every attempt in keeping my allergies and sinus infections at bay. And the only thing that actual does it is this: SINUS IRRIGATION BOTTE, also called a NELLI POT!
    You can find the Aladdin's lamp looking contraption (called the NELLIPOT) online - - or there is also (the one I use)
    Works WONDERS!!!!! They have a pediatric solution as well. I bought mine from my ENT, but found it at Savemart the other day! Those prescription sprays are useles and only make things worse. Give me a shout if you want more information :)

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