Don't Trust a Pinky Swear

Here's the story. A HUGE Lego dragon broke into our house and threw up in our living room. See My Boy's foot in the left bottom corner? He's narrowly escaping the pile of Lego vomit. It almost engulfed him.

So I tell tall tales. But it helps placate me when I see 6 billion little toys over-taking the house.

I want to cry.

Lego tears.

It never fails. I fall for it everytime.

My Boy--Mom can we get the little Legos down?
Me--As long as you clean them up when your done. I mean YOU not Me, or Me and Dad.
My Boy--Okay, pinky swear.

Let's just say that it was a family "Meen up" last night. And again this morning. And probably later. grumble, grumble.

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  1. Sous Chef Mom said...

    AWESOME! We are Lego Lovers here tooooo!!! :)

  2. ** said...

    How did meening up go? I can't tell you how many times I've stepped on the "little" legos. I've even tried to throw AWAY the little legos! Miles won't let me. Grrrr

  3. The Mom Jen said...

    OW OW OW...i hate stepping on those littl buggers barefoot!

    Well we had another vomiting this we'll have to meen up again. I'm starting to think it looks nice there. Who needs Pottery Barn, I've got LEGO!

  4. Heather said...


    It's these instances of the lego dragon's vomit that make me so grateful that he doesn't visit here.

    Punkinhead is bored to tears with legos - require too much fine motor at this point.

  5. OHmommy said...

    Oh my gosh... you should SEE my dinning room table.

    Are you sure our boys aren't related? :)

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