A Million Things

Couldn't come up with a title...so I settled for what's going on in my head at the moment. In no particular order...

-Great week for Oprah watchers!! David Blaine, the Houdini-type-guy is on Wednesday trying to break a world record. The cast of Sex and the City is on Thursday!!! (including BIG), Tom Cruise is on Friday (just have to watch this guy because he's so bizarre!)

-I'm whiny today due to a painful sunburn from the beach yesterday. I know. CA is having some awesome Spring weather. But, stupid me omitted myself from the sunblock list. Ouchie.

-Bunco tonight...cowboy theme. I need to find a cowboy hat and pronto.

-Pioneer Woman is giving away a mixer for a recipe. Run, go enter, deadline is 8pm tonight!!

-Don't EVEN get me started on those photos of Miley. Someone's mom should have prevented this. I'm just sayin'.

-Economic Stimulus checks are being issued this week...earlier than expected! WOOT!

-OMG is it almost May? My scrapbook weekend is finally around the corner! This baby was rescheduled from back in January, i'm looking so forward to it!

-Now I need to organize my scrapbook stuff.

-OMG if it's almost May, then school's almost over, dance recital time is approaching, need to order baseball trophies and plan the end of the season party, summer vacation is almost here, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

-I just confirmed our annual vacation to Lake Tahoe.

-Does Fly Lady help organize your thoughts?

-I bought THIS book and I love it! It's very therapeutic! THESE are some of the creative things it asks you to do.

-Anyone have a cowboy hat I can borrow?

-Shoot I forgot to fill out My Boy's field trip form.

-DQ's recent school fundraiser didn't include purchasing or selling chocolates. I'm out.

-THAT AUNT is in town. (ladies let's all sigh together)

-I need a shower.

-Oh and I owe the candy box $10.25.

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  1. Susiewearsthepants said...

    I agree with you on the Miley thing. I also think that the media WANTS to make her the next Brittany. It's such a shame.

    I thought I was the only one excited about the stimulus payments. I hope I get one, as I have actually already spent some of the money!

  2. jenn said...

    So this is where I need to come for all of my news! I didn't know we would be getting our checks so soon.

    Don't even get me started on the Miley thing...

  3. Anonymous said...

    Why, oh why have I not found you until now??? Fab read!!

    So adding you to my blog roll!!

  4. McMommy said...

    Ummm...could you at least have poured me a glass of wine before I read that post??!

    Whew! I'm having an anxiety attack for you! :)

  5. Lisa said...

    Your brain works the same way mine does......which is why I tend to NEVER get anything done :)

    Hope you found a divalicious cowgirl hat.....we have a pink one that says "princess" you could have borrowed!

  6. Anonymous said...

    You had to know that I would have a cowboy hat you can HAVE:)

    Send me your info and I'll mail it!

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