Thanks for the concern...

I just got this email from a friend...

Hey I don't know if you know this yet but someone directed profanity at you on your blog. She posted that you were the B word and some string of letters after it. I hope this doesn't discourage your writing. It's so entertaining and fun to read I know you aren't out to hurt feelings. What are you going to do can you delete it?

My first blog-drama. In the comments section of THIS post.

Seriously, i'm not offended or hurt, and I'm not going to call the blog police. I actually laughed and responded in a somewhat witty way.

First of all, that response was a joke. This blogger just wrote a very nice post about me on her blog (read it HERE). She actually thinks i'm the cat's pajamas. Okay I made that up, but I know we're cool.

Second, LMFAO is "net-speak" for Laughing my F-ing Ass Off. Like the post made her laugh so hard her rear side simply fell to the ground.

And, I have the ability, thanks to Blogger, to actually reject a post if I feel it's inappropriate. Each comment comes to my email inbox first. I read it and decide to either PUBLISH it or REJECT it.

I thought about rejecting it for a moment only because my 9 year old reads my blog and I didn't want her to see it and upset her. But, then that wouldn't be keeping it real, so I selected publish. When DQ goes to read my blog, I'll explain that it was a joke and sometimes adults use those words to be funny and express themselves. I'm sure she'll understand, she hears me say those words ALL the time. I'm always funny and expressive at home.

Hope that was cleared up some.

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  1. Tasha said...

    Oh CRAP, Jen....I'm so sorry! I meant no harm. You ARE the cat's pajamas (that was funny, btw). I will refrain from foul language from now's just sometimes I get so excited I cant help myself. Ha. Forgive me! (blush)

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    No harm done at all! Please don't hold back! In fact my next few posts will be be written in profanity ONLY and it just might blind my poor 9 year old.

    I just wanted to clear it up for a few that were concerned. I'm still laughing that she used the word 'profanity' is this 1975?

  3. ** said...

    Uh.... Uh..... WTF? Uh..... Sorry I HAD to!

    I was called a les-bo. I flipped out. Ask Heather and Heather. It was grand :)

    There are days I sound like a sailor in my head. I'm not proud but I yam what I yam. I'm glad that Al is finally old enough if I slip I don't feel like a big ole cow.


  4. OHmommy said...

    Thanks for clearing that net talk up. I am not big on swearing and could not really understand it.

    Since you have a 9 year old and are up on net talk.. perhaps you can give us a 101. Cause I am clueless when people comment net talk on my blog. :)

  5. Erin said...

    LOL too funny! (and sweet).
    Glad you are keepin it real. :)

    Girl have my name wrong on your bloglines....hmmpff! But I'll forgive you because everyone does it, and HELLO what kind of dork uses erunginung as their blog name?? Hmm that might be worthy of a post of it's own. Now I'm your comments. :D

  6. The Mom Jen said...

    Sawwy! All fixed Erin!

  7. Anonymous said...

    Laughing my [explicative edited by author] off here. :)

  8. Sous Chef Mom said...

    LOLOLOLOL [explicative edited by author]<---- THAT IS HILARIOUS!

    You go girl.. it think you are the cat's pajamas too...

    Well done... Rated R for REAL LIFE... LOL

    Oh goodness... I think I need to pee. ;)

  9. Heather said...

    See...I miss a post and ALL the fun, lol.

    But Jen, doesn't it make you feel SO GOOD that your friend loved you so much to try and help? Your girls got your back. ;)

    And these days, I wish I could LMFAO...Instead it is usually LOMBFB - Laughing on my big fat butt

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