Freakin' Out

What's going on around these parts??

Our little town has been attacked by childhood disease. My nephew's school has fifth's disease going around, which also affected him. A rural school has had about 20 students come down with chicken pox in the past 4 weeks. My Boy brought home the infamous 'pink slip' with a check in the little box by the word SCABIES, meaning someone in his class came down with it so sterilize your child.

AAAAALLLLLLGGGGGRRRHHHHHHHKKKKKK <------------Me making really gross gagging sound

When My Boy came home with pink slip in hand I nearly threw up in my mouth when I read the info about scabies. Like lice, but all over your body...."burrowing into your skin" sent waves of nausea through me. I peeled MB's clothes off and tossed him into the shower immediately, then threw his clothes into the fireplace with a lit match. Rushing about the house looking for antibacterial soap for MY hands, I cursed the germ fairies and swore I'd homeschool for the remainder of the year (3 weeks).

Dude, you know I can't hang with this. We have so much stuff coming up we can't risk the germs.....

-4 baseball games
-talent show
-dance competition
-recital dress rehearsal
-recital-2 days
-field trip (panning for gold)
-Goddaughter's 1st Holy Communion
-field day
-end of the year baseball party
-last day of school

Someone toss me the Lysol and the Purell and I'll be rocking myself in the corner.

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  1. Not Just Any Jen said...

    Wow, you are one busy mom! My sons both have the greenies right now. Yuck.

  2. Ann Harrison said...

    Hey Jen!
    What a note. "Scabies"? What the hell?
    I've got a story to share...
    One day after school a fellow mom says "I have some clothes for you."
    How nice I'm thinking. She works at The Gap and we're about the same size and she's always telling me when the sales are coming up, and sharing special coupons so I'm assuming something cool.
    When I see her the next day after school she hands me a plastic bag that is tied at the top and says "Here are those clothes. Now our house just got over head-lice and I've washed these in hot water twice, but you might want to put them in the freezer for 2 weeks and wash them again just to make sure."
    Um... thanks?
    Needless to say, I just couldn't bring myself to keep the clothes.

  3. The Mom Jen said...

    Ann that is sick and wrong! I would have vomited all over her and the bag right there!

  4. Jenny said...

    Ummmm...yuck? I thought scabies was, like, a made-up illness. We haven't had any type of illness like that or lice in our home YET, but I know it is bound to happen and, well, I won't be able to handle it. I will just up and leave until it's over. Really.

  5. McMommy said...

    Ugh!!! I'm a big although I would love to be a good friend and rock in the corner with you and the Purell...I just can't risk the exposure!! :)

  6. Bahama Shores Mama said...

    Uh, I'm feeling your pain. When my oldest was in Kindergarten 28 out of 30 kids REPEATEDLY got lice....we were one of the two never to get it! Not sure how this stuff happens, but it completely grosses me out!!

    Good luck ~ I'll wave from my corner of the world!

  7. Tenakim said...

    ewww!Ann's story! OMG- that woman was reprehensible! My 2 girls went through head lice about 2 years ago- then my nieces and sister got it- it was one of the worst things I've ever been through!!!Seriously, I cried so much! I heard of scabies while doing my research during that time- Beware, the lysol and purell are no competition for scabies (nor will they save you from them!)I do not envy you- those things made me absoluetly certifiable!!! I wouldn't let them use bedding and took away all of their toys (anything that had fabric that an egg or bug could stick to). I wanna cry for you just thinking about it! I will be praying for you that one of those Fittle luckers didn't get on to MB!!! Sorry, I couldn't make you feel any better, hopefully there will be a funny post in your future about how you evaded the little suckers!!! OMG- I am scratching- I'm so mental!!!

  8. Anonymous said...

    I hate bugs, but I especially hate lice, tics, and any other burrowing into your flesh bug. That gives me the creeps like no other. I'm still scarred from when I was 15 and my brother had the biggest tic on the planet lodged into the side of his head. I couldn't look at it, and I got mental-anguish asthma.

  9. Tenakim said...

    SJP is on Inside the Actor's Studio tonight- maybe that will help get you're mind off for an hour.

  10. Anonymous said...

    I know it's horrible, but your post today made me giggle - especially about finding you 'rocking in a corner'. I hope you all manage to stay germ free :-)

  11. Our Two Blessings From Above said...

    When the word lice is brought up my head starts to itch.
    I need to go take a shower now.
    I checked out the mom bloggers club that you have on your blog. It looks like a neat club to join.
    Good luck staying germ and scabies free!

  12. DD said...

    ewww... hang in there. This too shall pass.

  13. Christina said...

    Confession time: my kid had scabies. At least, we think it was scabies. Maybe. Even the doctor couldn't tell us for sure. Either way, it was nasty.

  14. Sous Chef Mom said...

    Ewwwwww... I would be in the corner with you if I was there!

  15. mom3crazygirls said...

    that is why I love u!! I wish I could be there to watch you rock in the corner and tell you that there was no way I was coming in the house! Actually, if I was still there, little G would be in his class and we would have gotten the note too! yuck! I'm liking the midwest better for a moment!!

  16. Anonymous said...

    EECCHH -- I could NOT handle that. Seriously, that would send me right into the corner with you.

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