She's Here

First picture taken with our new camera. We went with our original choice of the Power Shot S5IS, the SLR will just have to wait.

It was after 9pm when we finally read some of the manual, got the batteries charged, and snapped the first pic. Hubby actually did it. I'm afraid right now. I don't want to break it. I like it crisp and new, and am already rubbing the fingerprints off of it. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it though. I'll be ready to try her out tomorrow.

DQ performs tomorrow at the HP Pavillion. I'll get some good shots to share and hopefully a video of her performance. Cross your fingers!

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  1. ** said...


  2. Not Just Any Jen said...

    Your kids are beautiful! Congrats on your new camera!

  3. Heather said...


    Between your camera and Becky's espresso maker, I could go to hell for coveting, lol.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Oh....this is on my Mothers Day list. You will need to give me some feedback. Although the SLR sounds great, I am thinking I might be a bit intimidated by a camera where parts are interchangeable?? What are you thoughts on this one? Snap quick enough for you?

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