Why I'm Cancelling the Paper.

It's all bad news. I opened up the Sunday paper to these headlines....

3 Die in Fiery Crash
Tragedy in Myanmar Grows Worse
Over 20 Dead, More Storms Predicted

Well happy mother's day to me. Flip through to the end of the section....over 40 obituaries. *crumple up paper and toss it in recycling* Note to self: Cancel paper Monday.

I've said it before reading blogs is much more interesting. I'd rather read the stories behind these headlines:

Toddler Math
Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lolli, Lollipop…Dun, Nun, Nun, Nuh
...and who can pass up any post from a blog titled Whiskey in my Sippy Cup?!

Don't get me wrong, I know there are plenty of happy stories in the paper somewhere, but I don't have any desire to muck up my fingers with black ink looking for them. Hubby only reads the sports and does the crossword puzzle everyday. I'll get him a puzzle book and turn up sports talk radio in the house.

Poor trees.

As I enjoy the last few hours of my mother's day I sit in my comfy desk chair and read blog entries with lovely pictures and happy stories of other mother's enjoying their day. This is what I look forward to reading daily. I do come across sad stories, and even posted a few lately, but generally it's the happiness of others that puts a smile on my face.

I woke to wonderful treats today from the kids and from Hubby. But, it made me happy to know that my mom was coming over for breakfast, that I wanted to make personally. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, strawberries, coffee of course. My kids, Hubby and parents were happy, that made me happy.

I wanted to have a tostada for lunch...so I made it, it couldn't have been any tastier.

K is napping, My Boy is with cousins T and B. Hubby and DQ are visiting grandma and great-grandma, I have QUIET....ahhh, hear it?? The sweet sound of silence. SHH...don't breathe so loud, this won't last too much longer! ;)

Tonight I look forward to relaxing on the couch watching the Survivor finale. Poor Eric, the ice cream scooper. So much to learn about life and especially women! What was he thinking? Well, someone has to scoop my mint chip I guess.

I'm hoping for Cirie to win! I love Amanda though. Natalie and Parvati are too wicked, I don't think they'll win.

Wishing my mommy reader-friends a happy rest of the day, hope it was as special as you hoped!

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  1. ** said...

    Always, always look forward to your bloggy goodness :)

  2. Soge shirts said...

    Yes I don't listen to news or read about it either. I have been a lot happier since then. No news is great news.

  3. Christina said...

    I hear you about all the ugly news in the paper! Same thing with the nightly news, I can't bear to watch it. Thank God for happy blogs! Happy mother's day!

  4. Scott Bulger Photography said...

    This was the best season of Survivor since the first one. They ought to bring Amanda back for another one so that we can watch her get to the end and just answer all the questions wrong so she loses the vote again!

  5. CG said...

    I am totally there with you and the newspaper! Love your blog! Keep writing you are great at it! I look forward to more and chatting it up with you on Mom Bloggers Club!

  6. Angie McCullagh said...

    I totally can't read the paper anymore. Or watch the news. I'm with ya.

    Angie (from AllAdither.com)

  7. Vicki said...

    I hear you about the paper (and I feel the same way about the tv news) - I can't stand to look at it. DH gets frustrated with me because he says "Did you hear that... or did you see that..." and I usually say no because I don't want to know. I know that's a terrible attitude to have, but I get so tired of the bad stuff.
    So yes, keep writing your blog - it makes me smile and goodness knows we need more of that!
    Glad you had a great Mother's Day!!!

  8. McMommy said...

    Your blog makes my day!! I'll keep writing if you will!

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