Exactly HOW Did You Get Here?

Here are a few interesting phrases that, when entered into Google search, lead you to my blog.

Rachael Ray's Tattoo
Really she has one....where??

Cirie Fields Panties
Remember the girl in the final 3 of Survivor Fans vs. Favorites? Um... okay pervs.

Naked Land Surveyor
Oh now that's hot, *surpressing my giggles* pervs!

Scabies Lysol
EW...i'm getting itchy just thinking about it.

Braces My Hubby
No he didn't get any, his teeth are fine.

Broken Femur Cast
Wow the cast broke too?

Deanna Pappas Always Blinks
If she doesn't her eyes will dry out.

Purell Scabies
I'm hoping finding my site is some sort of medication for these people..*scratch scratch*

South African maths grade 12
We only study grade 12 math American style. Well alrighty then. ??!!

Therapy Cliches
They're all true, not that I would know.

Peanut Butter Therapy
More protein than Jelly Therapy.

Chicken Pox Party
Oooh, I know! That's where you get markers and play connect-the-dots on your friends' pox!

Hives Eating Apple
Now that sounds scary, what else does it eat?

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  1. Heather said...


    Always entertaining, eh?

  2. Tara R. said...

    I have to get more creative with my blogs, I get nothing this entertaining on my search terms.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hilarious! I've been saving the google searches that people use to find me so I can write a post like this soon :)

  4. Marla said...

    This is fantastic... how ever do you find these oh wise one?

  5. John Deere Mom said...

    Alright. Give it up. Where's the naked land surveyor? I know you've got him in there somewhere.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Google searches are the best! I get a kick out of them everytime I check to see how people get to my blog. You've got some really odd ones, though. :)

  7. Anonymous said...

    Oooh I have some bad ones. I just happened to title a blog post "man nipples" a long time ago. Big mistake. I get more hits off that post than any other I swear. People are freaky.

    Love your blog! Love your Google key words too. ;)

  8. Ann Harrison said...

    How did you find this out? (My brain doesn't function clearly some days. Help!)

  9. Anonymous said...

    google searches are so entertaining!

  10. The Mom Jen said...

    Hey Ann, I used my little blog patrol counter....it gives you a ton of blog stats including google search key words! ;)

  11. Tenakim said...

    You know all the fun tricks!

  12. Insane Mama said...

    Have you seen what lands on my page from Google... Weird stuff I say.. Weird! Whats with all the scabies stuff, am I mising something? Have you offered up free therapy for people suffering from scabies? because I might need some.

  13. Merrie said...

    So far, the only google search weirdness for my blog is "Hubba Bubba." I love it.

  14. Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

    I love reading these kinds of entries! I signed up with Google Anaylytics and even though I'm pretty sure I did everything right, it's telling me I've had 0 viewers since May 4th. Maybe it takes a month to kick in? I need some help - this is where the Mommy Learns to Blog part comes in! If anyone sees this post and can help, please send me an email or comment on one of my blog entries. Thank you!

  15. ** said...

    These made me giggle! Thank you!

    I love your blog, I love your dang blog roll. I surf it ALL the time, especially when I should be cleaning. Thank you in helping me procrastinate!

  16. McMommy said...

    I love me some Google searches!!!!! Promise you will do this at least every other month???

  17. Jill said...

    These are hilarious. I wish I had saved some of my funny google searches...

    Yours are definitely a hoot!

  18. Anonymous said...

    Too funny~ I always wonder about some of the 'search terms' I see....how in the world do I fit into the category? But it does make for interesting reading.

    Thank you for your well-wishes for my little guy (and your empathy about the wretched woman at the hosptial!!) He is much better now! It is good to know the 'mystery viruses' aren't unique to us!

  19. Anonymous said...

    Very cute blog. You are funny and your children are adorable. I found you through, I am Bossy. How in the world did you get over 1700 hits in just a short time? Is it a blogger secret, or can anyone do it? :)

  20. The Mom Jen said...

    Lisajane, the secrets are all on my side bar...where I promote...MomBloggers Club, 5 Minutes for Mom...Cre8Buzz, Adoptic, Alltop. I also read and comment and read and comment and build a base there.

  21. Kate said...

    Oh MY WORD!!! That IS funny!! :D Crack me up...how the HECK do you even find out the searches people use to find you??!!

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