My New Name is Last-Minute-Lucy

Lucy, that's me. Another alias. No, not Lucy Van Pelt from my sidebar...well not today anyway.

We're heading out on vacation this weekend. These are the things I still need to do.

--hold the mail CHECK
--pay the bills due at the end and beginning of the month CHECK
--pack CHECK
--finish the laundry-Close Enough
--pack CHECK
--print out Saturday's reservation info CHECK
--go to Costco-Didn't Happen

The thing is though, I usually work better under pressure. Leaving all the things to do for Friday is my best bet, since we're leaving Saturday.

When I was in college, my grades were always better when I had a full class load, not too much spare time. My final quarter before graduation entailed of 21 units...6 courses. I also took the CBEST and all 6 finals in the matter of 4 days. I got 4 A's and 2 B's.

Shoot if I could have done that all 4 years I may have gotten one of the mooga sum louder awards, but oh well. I graduated.

Anyway (see I'm putting off even talking of packing).

We're traveling to South Lake Tahoe for vacay. Hubs does the mountain bike adventure thing that often requires carrying your bike for long stretches UP hill to leisurely dodge pine trees on the way down. Yes, i fear for him each year as he rides with a good friend that lives in Sparks, and occasionally his brother or uncle. He assures me he's fine, but when we look at the pictures afterwards some of those trails are like 2 feet across and on the edge of the mountain...SCARY.

While the men ride, us ladies (Miss Bloom and Ranch Girl) will be hanging with the 7 kids by the pool or at the nearby park. When the men join us again we may head out for mini golf, bowling, a nice trip to the lake.

Girl's time includes a little gambling at Stateline, I love me some high-rolling dollar penny slots. Can we say free drinks while you gamble.

Or maybe a comedy show? We'll settle for a nice dinner that only entails us feeding ourselves and drinking some fluffy drinks.

My parents and possibly Hubby's, will join us at the end of the week to celebrate the 4th. The kids do miss having fireworks (they're illegal in SLT), but they have a spectacular show over the lake if you find a good spot--meaning reserved at noon that afternoon and sitting there until dark.

I look forward to the break and we always have a super time.

I will have posts up while i'm gone, but if you see i'm quiet on my end, you'll know why!

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  1. Tami said...

    We're leaving for vacay on Sat, too. I work best under pressure, too but this week I've been slowly getting stuff done.

    Mail. Check (thx!)
    Finish laundry. Check.
    Walmart. Check.
    Pack. Half a check?

    I'm getting ready to change all the sheets and I'll probably go to Target. Not out of necessity though, just because I want to.

    BTW - you're Saucy this week! Congrats! I hope it brings you lots of new bloggy friends :)

    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. One Crazy Chick! said...

    Avoid, avoid, avoid. That's my packing theory. Although throwing in a load or two of laundry on Thursday never hurt anyone:)

    Have fun! I'm jealous!

  3. John Deere Mom said...

    Have a great vacation! BWT, my nickname (from my dad) really is Lucy! From the know, a bossy know-it-all. Yeah, that's me.

  4. Ann Harrison said...

    It sounds like a good time, you high-roller!
    Have fun!

  5. Pam said...

    i'm like you, i procrastinate...but we differ in the way of being organized and remembering it all lol

    my husband and i got married in lake tahoe...we still go up once in awhile to get away and gamble (except i never win :-/)

    we had our family vacay at the beginning of this month which i really disliked...i just don't like disneyland. we are heading out to vegas next sun and coming back on wednesday. i'll get to see my 21 yr old, my parents, and hopefully my girls if their dad isn't too much of a you-know-what. LOL

    anyways, have a great time!

  6. Clare said...

    Have fun Jen!! I hope you guys have a good time, and your husband stays safe. I hear you about packing, what a pain! XO, Clare

  7. Lisa said...

    Enjoy your trip! I've heard Tahoe is beautiful, although I've never been. Relax, and have an extra cocktail for me!!!

    PS - Can't Help Falling in Love with You - first dance for Hubby & I at our wedding. Man, you know how to pick em'!

  8. Tara R. said...

    Hope you have a great time on your vacay, and have a safe and fun Fourth... fireworks! ooohhh, aaahhh!

  9. Sherri said...

    Found you on SITS! Sounds like a great trip!! Drop a few pennies in for me!!

  10. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Have a great time on vacation.

  11. Tyne said...

    I am going out of town tomorrow, the only thing I have accomplished is a new post. Love your blog btw.

  12. Jill said...

    Have a GREAT time on vacation! I love Tahoe... it's been way too long since I've been.

  13. Alice said...

    Sounds like my idea of a vacation at the penny slots! I was never so sad as the time I played at an Indian casino and found out I couldn't get alcohol! How can I possibly look like the complete degenerate that I am if I don't have a beer and a cigarette in front of the penny slots?

  14. Lori said...

    I work better under pressure seems like even if I plan to be all organized and prepared it doesn't work out.

    Have a great week!

  15. scargosun said...

    Have a wonderful time! I hope to get to Tahoe someday BIL and SIL have a place there. I still have to pack for my weekend which I am totally stressed about.

  16. flickrlovr said...

    Have a great time with the fam!

  17. Vicki said...

    Oh that's awesome - have a WONDERFUL time!!!! :)
    You SOO described me to a T!!! I am a procrastinator and I function MUCH better under pressure, with a deadline. I love (did I say that) the stress I guess. Go figure!! So I totally understand where you are coming from.

    (Ok, OT - 2 things. 1-you gotta tell me how to do the cross out text thing - I love that. Second..."mooga sum louder" - OMG, that CRACKED me up!!! LOL!!! I needed that laugh tonight!!!) :)

    Have a safe and fantabulous trip!! :)

  18. Jenny said...

    Have loads of fun!!! Sounds like you will...and we'll be awaiting your return!!!
    (I'm trying so hard to sound sincere, but really I'm just envious. If we were on the phone I'd have that strained, trying not to cry voice. Vacation, all I ever wanted! Damn appendix.)

  19. The Buntens said...

    Why is there always so laundry to do before vacay? I am always doing laundry while packing. Like I don't have enough clothes.

    Oh, sounds like a divine vacation.

  20. Rebecca said...

    Have a faboo time Jen, I love Tahoe it is a beautiful place to visit and relax.

    So when you win the million dollar slots do you think you could give a friend a couple grande....huh huh??? ::GRIN::

  21. Tenakim said...

    Hope you have a great time! Can't wait to hear your recap- it'll have to do- we're not vacationing until October this year!

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