Boob Tube and Books or the "I Feel Like Crap, Here's Something to Blog About Post"

What we aren't watching, and miss....
The Amazing Race
Desperate Housewives
Eli Stone
The Office
Brothers and Sisters
30 Rock
LA Ink

Well we are watching Last Comic Standing. And thank all that is holy that Esther Ku is gone. She wasn't funny ever. God's Pottery was pretty funny some of the time, but their act got old. I'm rooting for the guy who was Wonder Woman in the photoshoot, that.was.funny. I can't think of his name though. And, if you watched last week...please tell what the deal is on Carrot Top's eyebrows?!

Have you ever watched 30 Days? Morgan Spurlock is the host and it challenges people to live 30 days in a life very different than their own. Shows I've seen where one lives a prisioners life, a non-drinker living the binge-drinking lifestyle (her own daughter's!), and tonight we watched a very religious (Mormon) mother living with a gay couple and their 4 adopted children. There are others about gang members living with policemen, living 30 days in a wheelchair, and live on cereal all day for a month.

Tonight's show was powerful. It sent Hubby and I through emotions, frustrations, realizations that we don't always discuss day to day. Ideas were brought up about our beliefs, ideals, and morals. We feel as we're open-minded individuals, accepting people for who they are and what they believe even when it's our opposite, or something we've only yet to understand. Everyone deserves a chance to make their life the best possible. Who are we to judge? (Sorry tangent...moving on)

Wipeout anyone? At first I thought this was completely inane, and it is, but the kids (and big kid Hubby) think it's hilarious!

Jon & Kate Plus Eight is another of our family favorites, but lately we can't tell what's new from old...well I guess if we look hard at Jon's scalp. ;) This show always make me feel like my 3 kids are a cakewalk, so it's kinda one of those shows that says, "if Kate can do it, I should get my own reality show and I can do it too."

I guess maybe I should just shut the t.v. off and read. I am in the middle of a Kate Wilhelm book I started about 3 weeks ago. I found I enjoyed KW's style and so I immediately bought another of her books. Hopefully i'll finish them before Christmas. Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta books are my fave.

What are you watching and what's on your nightstand?

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  1. PostCards said...

    Watching? Last Comic Standing's on our rotation too. Rooting for our homeboy Sean Cullen (woot!). We're also watching Kitchen Nightmares now that Hell's Kitchen is over. I'm totally missing the Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy, ER and Prisonbreak. Love me some Wentworth Miller!

    Reading? The latest John Grisham, the latest Michael Crichton (good summer reads) and that's about it. But vacation's next week! So I'm sure I'll get some reading done. Looking forward to picking up some recommendations here!

  2. Unknown said...

    My list of shows that I miss is very similar to yours. I can't wait for the fall.

    During the summer I watch So You think you can dance. I love dancing and it is amazing what those dancers can do.

    I have not watched 30 days but I want to. I totally forgot it was coming on.

    On my night stand is the Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. I have been neglecting it to blog. Gotta get on that for my book club.

    Lastly, I love Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series. I have been reading her for years.

  3. Sue Wilkey said...

    I Miss Lost!!! I miss Heroes! I miss The Office! I miss the L word!

    We watch Weeds, my girls and I watch Project Runway and my husband and I do Grey's Anatomy DVD Catch-Up marathons. We're addicted.

  4. Clare said...

    Must say I love Tori and Dean on Oxygen, it comes on Tuesday nights. Total garbage, but she is a funny mom and cries all the time. It is cute, my hubby was even laughing!

    This summer I read, A Thousand Splendid Suns, which is the same author as The Kite Runner, and it was amazing! Then I have just read a lot of junk, nothing too exciting. love to read though! XO, Clare

  5. Anonymous said...

    I am dragging my arse through The Senators Wife and the only thing I catch daily on TV is Young and the Restless.....booorrring.....

  6. Anonymous said...

    Well, you already know about the conjoined twins book that I'm reading these days.

    What we're watching? Last Comic (just okay, but amen sista on the Esther Ku thing), Lost on DVD (we've never seen it until now), The Closer (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it). That's pretty much it around here.

  7. Cheryl Lage said...

    We're SOOO missing "Mad Men" (come on, Sunday!), "Rescue Me", and "Entourage." My husband is enchanted with G4's new show "Hurl" which is EXACTLY what you think it is. They grow up, but still always boys at heart!

    During daylight hours, I'm A-OK with PBS Kids, Noggin Sprout.... ;)

  8. Unknown said...

    I love Burn Notice that's on Thurs on TNT I think...but I miss my regulars for books..I can't concentrate when kids are running rampt through the that's just going to have to wait till school starts..

  9. Tiffany said...

    I absolutely LOVE wipeout. I can't help it. And I really love the big red balls on there. I laugh my ass off everytime. I also watch Jon & Kate. It does make you thankful that you aren't raising 8 kids. LOL What am I talking about, I only have one. LOL

  10. Tenakim said...

    on my nightstand- a remote control - I don't read...

    But I also love 30 Days although I didn't see that one, Jon and Kate plus 8 (am often told that I remind people of her- it's the OCD).

    I am obsessed with any reality show on BRAVO- they are always good! Flipping Out , Shear, Genius, Kathy Griffin on the D-List, and of course Project Runway!

    There is a new one that is Million Dollar Agents- they did one last season, but this year it's totally different people- 3 flaming gay or VERY metro-bi-sexual guys (you make the call) that are successful, catty real eastate agents in pricey California markets. If you catch it- let me know if the guy with the intense bowl cut's hair distracts you- IT DROVE ME CRAZY!

  11. Jenny said...

    WOW. You guys are, like, TV-aholics. No...I'm just kidding. We always fall into a summer slump because the girls are up late, or we are we end up dropping TV watching, except for Disney or Nick...or Toon Network. I am DYING for Lost, but I can't really remember other shows we watch in the fall. Pretty pathetic, huh? And I LOVE reading. I'm on my 6th or 7th summer book. LOVE IT!

  12. Susan said...

    We are also missing Lost, Heroes, and The Amazing Race. We also miss Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and American Idol.
    We have watched Last Comic Standing off and on and Carrot Top's eyebrows and eye makeup were a little much. And how about that hair clip he was wearing at the end?
    We have never watched 30 days but sounds interesting.
    We are watching Intervention on A&E, Top Gear on BBC (mostly Mark but I do find it comical), and Hopkins. We really aren't dedicated to much this summer. I did finally watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight for the first time the other night. It was a good night to catch for someone who hasn't seen it before because it recapped a lot of former shows.
    As far as books on my nightstand...there are many, but I haven't cracked one yet...waiting for vacation next week.

  13. Jaime said...

    I've got a plethora of books I need to read. Currently reading "The Other Boleyn Girl."

    What I'm watching: Nothing much. CSI and SVU reruns. That 70s Show reruns. Simpsons reruns. I miss The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives and Survivor. Oh, a new show I'm watching: The Bill Engvall Show. Could be funnier. But it's new stuff.

  14. Ali said...

    I'm longing for the return of Lost and The Office. Hubby loves 30 Days. He's more cerebral than I am:)

    Currently reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and wishing I grew more than 2 tomato plants and 2 squash plants.

  15. Caroline said...

    I am watching: How to love yourself Naked (excellent show! Lifetime channel)
    I am reading: the Crate& Barrel catalog!

  16. Tami said...

    I hope you feel better, sweetie!

    I love Jon & Kate, too! She amazes me and I feel God hand picked her to have those 8 children!

    I am addicted to Tori & Dean, there I said it! I was watching a episode I missed at midnight last night cuz I'm loyal like that ;)

    The past few weeks, my kids have been obsessed with all things Food Network. I don't know where that came from. I even caught Jordan taking notes while watching Emeril!!

    Last night, me and the girls rented Penelope! It was cute and has a great girl message.

    Right now I'm reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs, our book club selection for the month. On vacation, I read 3 books....A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (book club), A Change of Heart (Jodi Picoult) and Gods in Alabama. In case you want a recommendation, the last one was an easy read and the ending was quite a surprise.

  17. Kelly said...

    We watched Wipeout last night too, and the kids were just cracking up, it was funny. We started to watch the "I survived a Japanese Game Show' but I didn't like it, I didn't realize it was like a reality show where you need to vote people off, just like Survivor. Bleh.
    Lost is big in our house, infact thats the only thing hubby watches. He is going to go to Comic-Con this Saturday because the creators of Lost will be there and a handful of others from Lost.
    J and K the time. Jack particularly loves Aiden.
    Must Love Kids I recorded..looks cute.
    On my nightstand is usually a word search, a few cookbooks and water..and the ocassional kiddie books end up there too.
    Desperate Housewives is another fav of mine. I do want to watch 30 days..when and what channel?
    Have a great day!!!

  18. Unknown said...

    I'm missing Big Love. I'm really really missing Big Love. It's been FOREVER and it makes me so sad. :(

    On our DVR is 30 Days which we all love, Jon & Kate which the kids and I love but The Man makes fun of, Army Wives which only I love, and Weeds which only The Man and I love. I don't think I can fit any other shows in... if I do I'll have to give up blogging, and that's NOT going to happen.

    As for books, I'm reading Mr. Maybe by Jane Green... so completely mindless. I have a lot of books to read that require actual brainwaves but I just haven't gotten around to it. *sigh*

  19. Mel said...

    Hubby and son love Wipeout, but I guess I'm not programmed that way and it just kind of makes me mad. Just goes to show all the stupid people who are out there. I am a fan of Jon & Kate because I have to admit it makes me thankful for what I have and reminds me not to complain cause it could be worse...8 times worse that is. We are enjoying the Mole right now, but other than that aren't really into anything. I'm always up for HGTV, TLC, and Food Network though.

  20. Carrie and Jim said...

    It's funny b/c I love basically all of the shows you watch. I miss LOST the most. Jon and Kate plus 8 is also a family favorite to us but I think they are running out of material.

    I agree with your thoughts on 30 days. It's a great conversation show and well worth giving the time to watch it. I can't believe you did't mention the two coreys on A&E. (Just kidding, that show is terrible.)

  21. Insane Mama said...

    The lack of movies lately... Uggg I have NOT heard of 30 days I will need to check it out.

  22. Ranch Girl said...

    Grey's Anatomy reruns and Rachael Ray are my chosen TV watching while I'm on my stairclimber or exercise bike. Otherwise, Sex and the City, late at night (even though I haven't seen the movie yet!). I'm reading an Elin Hilderbrand book now, but only about a page at a time because I fall asleep (not because it's boring but because it's late at night). Just finished my favorite author Danielle Steel's new one - Rogue - it was great!

  23. nicole said...

    The only shows I'm watching every week are Food Network Star and Design Star. We watch a lot of baseball too.

    I'm reading the Husband by Dean Koontz right now.

  24. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Okay, I miss Survivor, Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives too.

    That 30 days show sounds really good, I have never seen that before. I will have to search for it and DVR it.

    Right now Wipeout is curing my need for laughter. It is so funny!!

    Scare Tactics is cruel but also makes me laugh!

  25. Indy said...

    So funny that you wrote about this today. Last night, I couldn't find anything to watch. I couldn't remember if I saved your blog address. I almost emailed for a recommendation for Tuesday night. Ha! I am not watching much TV. Summer viewing is pretty bad. I do like Last Comic Standing too.

  26. Corey~living and loving said...

    I miss several shows....but I am not really a TV watcher.

    I am loving "So You Think You Can Dance" though. I don't know what it is about that show, but it really gets me emotional. Such beautiful dancing.

    as for reading...I just posted about this yesterday...mostly just Magazines.

  27. Not Just Any Jen said...

    I just said last night. It would be cool if we could watch Lost or something. Baseball and Sponge Bob here. Actually I just put in Nacho Libre for the kids. They love that movie!!
    Although I have been trying to read, I mostly just glimpse through catalogs and magazines lately.

  28. Laura said...

    The only thing I get to watch (that has real people in) is Army Wives and Brothers and Sisters!

    Next to my bed is Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones - I am LOVING it! Just finished Air Babylon and really enjoyed that too!

  29. Christina said...

    We don't watch much these days...not much worth watching! We LOVE 30 Days, tho!!

  30. Anonymous said...

    MARCUS is wonder woman

  31. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

    Saw LCS this week (I think he got that perma tattoing to make them darker or *something*) but haven't been watching religiously.

    J&K+8 is a staple in our house simply cuz the boys will watch it and its not cartoons.

    Watched "I survived a Japanese Game Show" on ABC last night - I think we're scraping the bottom of the entertainment barrel, there.

    Reading: Plain Truth, by Jodi Picoult. Her books are always great!

  32. Anonymous said...

    OMG - none of you bloggers are into BIG BROTHER !!!????

    I am and so is Hubby !

    Hubby's latest book is "Into The Wild," (how come I can't underline book titles here?) and he's checking out Colorado travel guides. Who out there is from Colorado ?

    Foot balm/cream and socks are on my bedstand.

  33. Amber said...

    I am watching Jon& Kate, Big Brother, Hopkins and General Hospital.
    Reading what is that??? Just kidding. I love Jodi Piccoult and Jennifer Weiner. But I am waiting for their latest to come out in paperback.
    So I am reading "Nap time is the New Happy Hour."

  34. Kristen Andrews said...

    Here is my summertime list:

    Burn Notice
    The Closer
    Army Wives
    CSI reruns
    Project Runway

    and crazy lifetime movies!

    I love my tivo!

  35. Rebecca said...

    I barely watch TV in the off season, there is nothing of interest on.

    I have not read a good book in AGES, I have a ton that I have collected over time and really should pick up and read, but I am always on this damn computer.

  36. jaime said...

    well, since it's kinda off-season i've not been so obsessed w/ the tv as i usually am. I'm bad. but at night it's my only time to relax and in my book relaxing is vegging out in front of the tv. no need to use my brain or lift a finger!
    now i'm watching So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, any of the CSIs or Law and Orders will do for me...Chelsea Lately and the Late Late show w/ Craig Ferguson are my late night favs...and ANYTHING on the E! network!!

  37. jaime said...

    another fav (besides Lost) for me is my ULTIMATE fav...NIP/TUCK. word. but they are on FX and for some reason think they can be like the Sopranos anymore and take 2-3 years off between sucks but usually worth the wait!

  38. Merrie said...

    I'm still mourning the loss of Journeyman. Hubby and I LOVED that one. Also looking forward to the returns of The Office, Desp House, the final season of ER, and of course Big Love whenever it returns.
    Off season I admit I love Tori and Dean, Life on the D List, and I download Weeds and Dexter to my iTouch for the occasional lunch hour at work.

    Books are loved -- I just started False Memory by Dean Koontz. His books are hit or miss with me, and it's creepy what comes out of his mind.

  39. Anonymous said...

    i'm currently reading InkHeart by Cornelia Funke. It's good but it's easy to put down so it's taking me a while. TV...well unless it's a Disney movie or The Daily Show I'm not watching much. We did just rent Juno and that was good (hubby didn't like it though). I wish I was watching Heroes and Thirty Rock but I'm not.

  40. Kaza said...

    Love, love, love 30 days. But then I pretty much love anything Spurlock does. We're missing all of our favorite shows too. Summer is pretty slim on choices, but at least I get my DVR cleared out quickly! I'm a big J&K+8 fan too, and my 3yo loves it so it's one of the few things we can watch together. I agree, it always makes me feel like I can handle anything as a mom after watching them deal with 8.

    As for reading, I've got a huge backlog but am currently on Eat, Pray, Love, and I adore it.

  41. Jill said...

    TV? What's that? Not entirely joking...

    At the hotel right now we're flipping channels... watching John & Kate Plus 8, Dirty Jobs, and reruns of Frasier, and The Family Guy.

    Exciting, huh?

  42. Anonymous said...

    I'm always pitching this author - Julia Spencer Fleming - the first book is In the Deep Midwinter - it's a well written mystery/unconventional love story. There are 6 in the series I think. I LOVE these books, and sometimes re-read just to take a little trip to that world. TV - Summer Fave has to be Project Runway on Bravo.

  43. Heather said...

    Also watching LCS, and DITTO your comments about Ku-II and God's Pottery (though, because I dislike Ron G, I loved their, "If you put a W in front of your name, that'd be WRONG!") - Also thank goodness the weirdo Paul Foot is gone, he was freakin strange! I am rooting for Jeff (I think he was the WW dude, but that may have been Marcus?) and Iliza - I think SHE is SO funny!

    Love 30 days.

    And that's about it that we are watching....oh and the million hrs of "A Baby Story" that dh has begun dvr'ing.

  44. Marla said...

    30 days is awesome! i got hooked after fast food nation or whatever that movie was he did about living off mcd's... then saw the one where he and his girlfriend tried to live off minimum wage... holy depressing...

    my Tivo is way full right now after 2 weeks of vaca... army wives, tori and dean, General Hospital (can't stop since luke and lauras first wedding) one tree hill... i have issues...

  45. Anonymous said...

    I miss most of the TV shows that you do, especially Lost!!! I can't watch any of these summer shows. I usually use the summer to catch up on shows I never watched on DVD. I'm watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer this summer.

  46. The Buntens said...

    The Closer and Saving Grace are my favorite shows right now! Awesome show!

    Reading: Soul Cravings and Writing Well

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