School Starts Monday

Remember the good old days when schools would start in September?

Not anymore. Mid August is the new September. 2:10pm-release time is the new 3:30pm.

But we do get that torture President's Holiday Week in February now. Yay.

That was a sarcastic yay.

Not that i'm complaining. I'm ready for the older 2 of my 3 to get back into gear and go to school for most of the day. It's less fighting, complaining they're bored, and more computer K time for me.

We've gotten some school shopping done, enough for now. The weather is still warm, they can get away with summer stuff for another 3-4 weeks.

Backpacks are made out of tissue paper nowadays so they still need a sturdier one of those.

We've gotten a decent amount of lunch foods, but still need to head to Costco for some more.

Found out the kids' teachers today. After 3pm. When the office staff leaves for the day. They want nothing to do dealing with changes the weekend before the first day. I don't blame them.

My Boy has a male teacher this year, new to our school, but not to teaching. DQ is in an accelerated class and since there's only 1 for each grade 3-5, we already knew hers.

Aside from a few mopey days with K, i'm looking forward to the year. Routine works well for my kids and the summer has lacked that in a stressful sort of way.

As usual the beginning of the school year has sparked a very important question between the kids. Something that must be determined by the end of this month to avoid slim pickings in October......HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!

WHAT?! Really? What's next, Christmas decorations at Target?

Someone hold me.

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  1. Amy Lilley Designs said...

    I have to say, I have just scrolled thru your blog for the first time and enjoyed myself...I was not offended, I didn't feel computer challenged, your friends and family all look healthy and refreshing...hope the kids have a great year @ school1

    all the best,

  2. Debbie said...

    Don't walk into a Michael's craft store then. Yeah. Holly and other such Christmas nonsense...right next to the scarecrows and skeletons that freak my daughter out so much that we aren't able to shop there together until Nov. 1. We start school Sept 2...but I know what you mean about the bickering...non stop....I'm ready for routine...we haven't had one since June 17...the day we got out of school.

  3. Bob and Jenn Peacock said...

    You are lucky that you don't have year-round school! My kids started three weeks ago and now have three weeks off! Ugh!

    Good luck with the first day of school!

  4. Lindsay said...

    LOL I am cracking up at the someone hold me comment!! I have a few more years before the school routine starts for us.. however, from that description.. im not looking forward to it :-P I hope you all have a great first day!

  5. Amy said...

    School started here this week. They have off for EVERYthing though. I'm ready for them to graduate...haha, we have a ways to go :)

  6. Kelly said...

    My kids are already thinking of their costumes also..and I saw some xmas wrap and bows at Costco..
    Crazy... week I am probably go to Party City because they already have everything out..

  7. hippos toes said...

    I was in Target the other day and was surprised to see pumpkins already! They sure rush the seasons!

    My guy is only 1 1/2, so reading all that you go through with school makes my head spin. It never ends, does it? But it is a great thing! Being a mom is the best thing I have ever done :)

    Enjoy reading your blog!

  8. Julie H said...

    My kids started on Wednesday, did the whole backpack/lunch box/costco shopping thing. It's been over 100 all week too. BUT they get out May 29th. Yeah us.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Hobby Lobby already has the christmas deco out!

  10. Tenakim said...

    Amen! If they're going to school longer, why aren't kids getting smarter? Mine start back Monday too. Probably a part of my current nervous breakdown - I'm with you- we neeeeed our routine back!

  11. Tiffany said...

    Hell yea it's time to pick Halloween costumes. It IS the best holiday EVER!!! Well to me it is. LOL

  12. Anissa Mayhew said...

    Yeah. Me too. Everything.

    Just in case you haven't gotten them yet, Lands End really does make the best backpacks...had ours for 3 years running.

    Good luck and my God have mercy on all our souls!

  13. Ali said...

    Walmart was setting up their fall stuff yesterday--pumpkin decorations, tablecloths in oranges and golds. It's hard to get into the autumn spirit when the temp is still in the 90's!

  14. Tena said...

    Can I tell you how jealous I am of you right now? VERY!!!
    D does not go back to school till the first week of Sept, and I am dying over here. Than again I still need to enroll J into school...opps!!

    HA HA HA

    {{{ gentle hugs }}}}

  15. Mrs4444 said...

    My kids start September 1st; it's about keeping help in the summer resorts in Wisconsin. We don't get a single President's birthday off, but we do get two days off in the fall for deer hunting. Isn't that funny?!

    Michael Phelps--Can you say AMAZING? That race tonight was absolutely incredible.

    Dara Torres--Can you say INSPIRING?! She's incredible. So much so that I'm off to go swimming in our pool RIGHT NOW. Wait a minute--we don't have a pool. I SO was going to do it, too! Maybe next year...

  16. Anonymous said...

    It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!! (Back to school)


    BTW, I love all your music.

  17. JenEverAfter said...

    You don't remember how we had Columbus Day off and Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday when we were kids? Then they lumped them all into President's Day (not that Columbus is a president, but whatever). It could be worse!

  18. flickrlovr said...

    I am SO not ready to go back to school (I'll be a sophomore this year, in college). I know it's a cliche thing to say, but seriously: the summer has FLOWN by. I had so much I wanted to do, so many trips and such that I wanted to make, so much that didn't happen.


    I always feel this sort of end-of-summer depression funk coming on around this time of year...I only have 'til August 25th, and I'm not ready at all. Waaaaaaah!

    Sounds like you and the kids are all set :)

  19. Jamey said...

    Yeah we did the School visit this evening too, Abby got a new teacher as well and Sarah got who i requested. Looking forward to Monday!!

  20. Jamey said...

    Yeah we did the School visit this evening too, Abby got a new teacher as well and Sarah got who i requested. Looking forward to Monday!!

  21. Corey~living and loving said...

    I have to wrapped up this post brillantly. Your "somebody hold me" line just killed me. :) Thanks for the smile!

    oh and don't I know that summer flew by...I start back to work Monday. sigh.....

  22. Pam said...

    school started here just this wednesday...this is the first year where i don't have to go to the school at diff times to pick up kids. woohoo! i had done ALL my back-to-school shopping back in july and school supplies late july early aug just because there's never anything left if you don't.

    you are so right about the lack of costumes if you don't buy now...what i did last year was buy all these marked down wigs and accessories...the costumes were picked apart by the time i got to the 75% off sale LOL i also got a poop-load of christmas decor during a 50% and 75% off sale at target. yeehaw!

    hey, be grateful that you don't have a teen asking your husband to buy a girl flowers and such LOL

  23. Ann Harrison said...

    School is starting?!?
    How can that be?
    We have the classic 'start after Labor Day Weekend'.
    Hey, funny you should mention Halloween. Lily just told me YESTERDAY that she wants to be an angel for Halloween! (She is my angel, thank goodness! The days have been hard lately with my oldest.)
    I agree about having a routine. It helps Katie a lot.
    (O.K. now. I've got to go take ANOTHER shower. Portland has been going through a heat wave and I'm sweating from under my boobs!!)

  24. Deb said...

    I have to say, I would not have liked to start school in August. It just doesn't feel right. When do they get done school?

    Also, I tagged you today on my blog! Come and see!

  25. Brittany said...

    HA! I was just talking to my mom about costumes last in...what are you going to make them to wear this year...and she yelled about it being too early,also!

  26. Mel said...

    I go back on Mon for teachers and then my son starts on Thursday. I kind of like having a short week the first week to help the kids transition. I can't believe we start in August and it seems like it gets earlier and earlier each year. It just seems like once the 4th of July rolls around it's downhill from there. Have a great school year!!

  27. Anonymous said...

    School starts September 2nd here in Northern Michigan for the same reasons at Mrs.444's Wisconsin. Tourism needs the high schoolers through Labor Day. It's really nice.

    And we get two days off for the start of Deer Season, too. It's for safety purposes.

  28. Anonymous said... times have changed...School supplies in July!! I am looking forward to sending them off...of course DS in middle school has my tummy in knots...BTW I got him a backpack at Old Navy, and he is going on his 4th year with it...DD keeps going for the character ones, and has a new one each year...geez...

  29. Jo-Jo said...

    I must be on the same page with your kids! I just posted some pics over the past week of my boys in their Halloween Costumes! Must be in the air!

  30. Lisa said...

    The kids here started LAST MONDAY....yes, August 11! Can you believe it?

    And Goosey just told me yesterday she wants to be Shawn Johnson for Halloween. Think that will stick?

  31. Sandy said...

    I've already seen Christmas stuff out. Makes my gut hurt when I see it. LOL

    Great blog!
    PS Our 3 kids start school 8/25

  32. A Christian Mom said...

    I remembered when school started the day after Labor Day. My daughter started this past Thursday. Some friends in Florida, they told me their daughter gets out an hour early every Wednesday. We got out for teacher work days & some holidays. School just isn't like it use to be!

    I hope your kids have a great year!

  33. Unknown said...

    Ah,! I love it!

    My 3 year old starts preschool on Monday and my 6 year old starts 2nd on Thursday!

    I hear you about routines, too! Mine are so cranky right now, and the 3 year old can't stay in her own bed! Hopefully, with school and more activity, she'll be able to sleep all night.

    And YAY to the "K" time :)

  34. Carol said...

    Goodness school still starts here in Sept and finished at 3:30. Too bad mine aren't old enough to be enrolled.

    Bring on the Halloween, we all love it really.

  35. Dee Light said...

    My oldest and I had that same Halloween discusion.

    But yes it is great to get back to routine. Even my 2 little ones (who aren't school age) benifit frim the routine that a new school year brings.

    I hope you and your family have a great school year!!

  36. Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

    You know, we have a fabulous new CHEAP market around here that has huge Butterball turkeys - want me to pick one up and ship it out so you'll be all set for Thanksgiving?

    Seriously, I cannot STAND the way they push the holidays. Let us live in the (semi) moment! I'm still in disbelief that summer is almost over. Now I have to worry about Halloween? I'm glad MH is only 3, and I'm pretty sure we're looking at a ballerina or princess for Halloween, and I should be able to pull that one off!

    On the upside, enjoy your extra (computer) K time!

  37. Jill said...

    Oh it's so wonderful that school starts soon for you too... routine is key and I'm thankful for it right now!

  38. Wendi said...

    We still have another week.
    Of complaining, fighting, and being bored.
    I am not ready for the summer to end...and yet I am.
    I agree with the routine thing.
    Summer kinda messes that all up for us to.
    Good luck with all your "free" time tomorrow!

  39. Jenny said...

    Good luck today Jen! I hope DQ and your boy have a great day! Today was our Day One of "Operation Wake Up Early and Get Ready For School Hours". God help me.

  40. Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

    every year seriously goes by faster and faster! i cannot, cannot handle it. i try not to think about it too much lol!

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