The Never-Ending Relationship

Is it weird that we still get letters from our old dentist?

By old, I mean like we haven't seen him in 5 years or more!

Letters about his upcoming vacation; so we can schedule appointments around that.

We don't see him anymore.

He's still sending us check-up reminders every six months.

Hello. Non-patients.

He was weird.

Still is.

We left. Had all our info forwarded to our new dentist. Who we love.

We're still getting birthday cards from the old dentist too.

Those birthday cards creep me out.

They're the kind where the whole staff signs them individually and in different colors of ink.

I mean they spend TIME doing this.

And then send them to non-patients.

It's a huge joke now.

Me: Guess who got a special birthday card in the mail form our NON-dentist??
Kids and Hubby: ME!
Me: That's so weird.
Kids and Hubby: Totally!

Last night we pulled out the tree stand that holds all our holiday cards.

Me to Hubby: You should put that card from Ace Hardware on the tree, LOL!
Hubby: I'll put it right next to the card from Dr. [Old Dentist]!

We must secretly love the cards, since we've never called to say "hey, um we're not patients anymore."

Do you think they realize it?

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  1. Leanna said...

    This is hilarious! We used to have a creepy dentist too...switched and about a year or two later hubby showed me an article in the paper about him going to jail for tax fraud (we wondered since he was always going on vacations and had very, abnormally so, tan leathery skin).

    BTW-I tagged you over at my place (come see what it's all about)!!

  2. WeaselMomma said...

    I'm guessing that the staff is too lazy to update the files. Hang the cards, enjoy the laugh. Either that or they are trying to politely remind you about an old bill you forgot to pay.

  3. Mrs4444 said...

    I think they just really, really miss you. Maybe they need an Intervention?

  4. Unknown said...

    Hmmmm....that is odd.

  5. Unknown said...

    LOL Jen we get cards like that from our non dentist too

    Hey dont forget Ellens 12 days of Christmas started ;-)

  6. Ann Imig said...

    Hmmm...perhaps its pheramones...

  7. Pam said...

    i don't get cards from this orthodontist that we saw for miss la-di-da-di, but they call every few months to remind us she needs to come in to see if she's ready for braces. she hasn't lost all her baby teeth. then our new dentist says she didn't need the teeth pulled that was pulled (cos her teeth were crowded & there would be no room for her new ones). so i ignore the call from the orthodontist. her teeth have been fine since we stopped going to orthodontist. lol bastards...hate when they suggest stuff to make money, cos i know that's what it is. :(

  8. Annie said...

    Okay, but did he have the all women staff? All good looking women? I like our orthodontist, but his harem, oops, I mean staff, are all young, very pretty, and very curvy. My husband always laughs to see the current years Christmas card which always features the ortho surrounded by the harem. Essh!

  9. kel said...

    Um. it's kinda nice and creepy at the same time, ya know??

  10. Tena said...

    your family has it's very own stalker!!!
    HA HA HA
    He is determine to win ya'll back as patients, lol

  11. MommaSuds said...

    That is umm..yeah..... a little weird. Do you secretly love them? I am pretty sure they forgot to remove you from the mailing list when you removed all your records. Hilarious!

  12. amelia bedelia said...

    maybe he just really misses ya'lls teeth?! weird, your right.

  13. Dennis and Leslie said...

    At least they aren't still sending you a bill!!! I would get concerned if they start sending you "We Miss You", "Wish You Were Here" cards....C-R-E-E-P-Y!

    And think of all the trees they are killing with that unnecessary mail, go green people....go green!!

  14. Ranch Girl said...

    I think it's just a ploy to try to get your business. We haven't shopped at the Cal Poly store in SLO for YEARS! This year we got a postcard for 10% off, and well, guess what? It worked - I bought my hubby his Xmas presents from there (because when he saw the postcard he mentioned that some of his coveted Cal Poly wear wasn't looking so good anymore - no wonder, since it had been YEARS since we shopped there!).

  15. Unknown said...

    yeah, that is a little creepy. i would send the next one back and write on the envelope DECEASED or something creative. that should stop them!

  16. McMommy said...

    Heh heh. This reminds me... We get a card from our accountant every Christmas. It has a pic of his cat on it.

    "Merry Christmas from John and Pickles!"

    I'm not even kidding.

  17. Minxy Mimi said...

    Well... that is weird. Maybe he remembers you all fondly!

  18. jill jill bo bill said...

    That is weird. ANd my husband tried to be festive and taped all the cards we got this weekend on my fridge. So far we have one from our Insurance guy, a polyurethane co, our bank, and from someone neither of us know.

  19. Rachel said...

    LOL -- that's hilarious. I don't get cards from my CURRENT dentist.

    Maybe he has a crush on you and is wishing, and hoping, and praying that you'll come back!

    Following In My Shoes

  20. Ali said...

    Those cards are weird! Hubby gets a birthday card every year from the honda place where we bought a 4 wheeler from a couple of years ago!

  21. Leigh said...

    LOL! Of COURSE you love the cards. Due to the economy (and the fact that all of my family lives in the same town as I do) I only got two birthday cards in the mail this year. One was from our insurance agent, and the other was from the guy who manages our retirement accounts. I felt loved. ;)

  22. flickrlovr said...

    So funny! I got birthday cards from my old orthodontist for years after I was his patient...I still do I think! Haha.

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