Buy Me Some Airheads and Naa--ah--chos...

So all I can think about is food lately.

Food I'm not supposed to have.

Food that makes me writhe in pain.

Food I dream about all week, anxious for the weekend.

Baseball park food!

And, not the over-priced-wait-in-line-all-game professional baseball park food.

Good 'ole fashioned, hometown, little-league field, snack-shack food!


Hey, it's supporting the league right?

You have to come prepared.

A wad of ones is best.

There is something to say about ballpark hot dogs...cooked on that rolling machine...

Then there's the nachos.

The kids are always surprised at the spiciness of the cheese and those green flecks of jalapenos.

"This is SO spicy!"

Remember, last game when you said that, and I told you there was jalepenos in there....did you already forget.

I remind them each week.

Oh and the Airheads, they're only a quarter.

I tell the kids to dig around under the bleachers, they can usually come up with enough dropped change for those.

Hot days you gotta get your frozen ICEE pop.

Saturday mornings the breakfast burritos with carnitas and beans...drool.

And, if you're into stomach lining and pig's feet, the Menudo is a favorite of my parents.

Really, that's what's in it.

I find myself mid-week counting how many more days until my snack-shack lunch.

Ah, the joys of having a baseball player.

If he ever decides not to play, we'll have to befriend someone else's kid to go "watch."

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  1. Unknown said...

    Our hot dogs are "cooked" on a griddle; we have the choice of cheese or pepperoni pizza...when it's been delivered by the Pizza Hut 20 minutes away...and a can of soda is $1.

    A CAN!!

    We don't have stands, we have metal three-tier bleachers, so any coins that may have fallen have long disappeared into the tall grass that never gets mowed.

    And there always seems to be one drunk father whose son always seems to be the picture so he's always behind the home plate barking obscenities at either his son or the ump. Sometimes confusing them.

    Oh..and sometimes the ump IS the drunk

  2. Sass said...


    I was just sitting here thinking, we've got softball tonight, which means I don't need to cook dinner. I just need to make sure I have enough dollar bills.

    Love how we are so much alike sometimes! ;)

  3. Vicki said...

    Oh man - you're concession stand sounds amazing. Ours is horrible and has your basic candy, soda and hotdogs that sadly (yes it's true) can be left over from a previous game that they stored in the fridge and re-rolled on the roller. Blech - we have another month and I'm sick of the food already!!
    Think My Boy would mind if we came to his games???? ;)

  4. Wendi said...

    I am right there with you.
    I love Little League Concession Stand Food.
    The. Best.
    On the one night last week that we did not have a ballgame on the calendar, I asked the kids if they knew someone who WAS playing so we would have an excuse to go out there and have hotdogs for dinner.

  5. Unknown said...

    Oh I love baseball park food too, Nacho's with Jalapeno's and the sour straws are my favorite. Yummy!! Unfortunately my sons didn't want to play this year but my aunt is coaching so we will still have reason to go down there :)

  6. Tiffany said...

    LOL I'm with you. Now that T-ball is over, I'm really missing the nachos and blow pops. *sigh*

  7. Anonymous said...

    okay this post made me so hungry!!!

  8. Marla said...

    i have to admitt i have never heard of anyone who loves the snack shack like you...

  9. Jenni said...

    I have much love for the baseball snacks! YUM!

  10. Swirl Girl said...

    don't forget the dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds!!!

    our family snack shack favorite!

  11. The Mother said...

    Sorry, not even the junk food is worth sitting through boring kids' games (of ANY sport). There's always a Starbucks around.

  12. Lynn C Mama to 3 said...

    Great, now my stomach is growling. What is it about those rolly hot dog thingies???

  13. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    i just hit up the snack shack at son's last game too! Nachos sound yummy right now Mmmmm

  14. Unknown said...

    This makes me think back to when I'd always get a "Fun Dip" from the concessions at my brother's ball games. Ah, Fun Dip, yum...

  15. Nicole said...

    My favorite is the laffy taffy, strawberry banana flavor.

    I can rarely find them anymore!

  16. Unknown said...

    Stopped by from Sits to get some therapy and say "hi"...hopefully you got your hot dog fix!

  17. Ann Harrison said...

    Neither one of my girls are doing sports this season. I'm missing out!

    I miss the ICEE's :->

  18. He & Me + 3 said...

    You are too funny. I am so hungry now. THanks alot! Those nachos sound divine.

  19. kristi said...

    Sounds yummo!

  20. ~ "C" said...

    It's my first time here...I love those snacks too. Just gorged on them a couple of days ago. I'll be back here. I'm lovin' it!!!

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