Friday *Flowers* Fragments

Friday Fragments?

--Two weeks into school and both kids are doing great! Our 6th grader is adapting well to her Magnet School Jr. High classes and has already been moved to a 7th grade math book. She is very proud of herself, as are we. My Boy was just given his diploma for completing 3 successful years in Speech! His current teacher was surprised to learn that he'd been getting help!

--Back to School night next week. Both schools, same night, same time. Figures.

--A silly but cool thing. DQ's academy gets out the same time everyday, and no Thursday minimum day like the elem. schools. Bonus for me, the jr. high car-pickup-line....NON-existant! There are like 4 cars max. Oh yeah, makes my Thursday!

--Monday i'm heading in for an upper Endoscopy. GI doctor is saying that my symptoms point more to an ulcer rather than reflux disease. Also mentioned that many of his patients tell him, "we're coming back tomorrow just for a shot of that great drug (in the Valium family) you give prior to the procedure."

--Learned this week that my son's teacher from last year (that had been pink slipped) did get another job in the district. Different school, 5th grade, but is working! Teachers, especially stellar ones, hold a special place in my heart and I was SO rooting for him!

--Hubby owes me flowers. Preferrably red roses...just waiting for them to come to the door....Waiting....waiting....probably will be waiting for a long time. He has some strange dislike for cut flowers, says it kills them. He'd rather send me a tree. Um, I'll take flowers. (Hi honey). Thought i'd include *flowers* in the title for some extra subliminal prompting.

--The last few weeks of TV has sucked. There is NOTHING on. Ice Road Truckers finale and Wipeout, that's it! Please don't make me watch Whale Wars, we had such a fun time at the Shamu show! Thank goodness for Fringe starting up Sept. 17. Is it really 5 months until LOST again?! :(

--The power went out last night for about 3 hours. 90 degrees and no lights made for some fun candle-lighting, lantern book reading, ice cream (before it melts of course), and plenty of "i'm scared!" screams. At least the lights came back on at 9:30pm and not 2am and scare us all even further.

--Hope you all have a great weekend! For more Fragments, check out my friend Barb's site, Half-Past Kissin' Time!

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  1. MrsSki said...

    I, too, am sad that Lost is still months away! But somehow I manage to fill my time with other tv that if I didn't have DVR I never would watch, haha.

    My hubby used to send flowers...before he became my hubby. I've learned not to expect them anymore. :)

    I'm sure you are so proud of your daughter for excelling at the Magnet School. From the little experience I have with Magnet schools they are an excellent place for kids to really expand their math and science abilities. Yay for her!

    Loved reading your fragments!

  2. Claudya Martinez said...

    I wouldn't mind eating some ice cream before it melts.

  3. Aria said...

    Preferably long stems... yeah, we had Apocalyptic weather here last night too, no power outage, but it wouldn't have surprised me. I brought a flashlight with me around the house, and everyone else was asleep, so no biggie... Although, the sheer volumes of lightening was making it difficult to sleep... kinda like having someone flash the overhead lights on over and over and over. Yeah, not fun... But hey, that's what ice cream's for! ;-)

  4. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    I wouldn't mind some flowers either, but unfortunately I have trained my hubby to not spend money ever so something tells me I won't be getting flowers any time soon.

    Also, Lost, sniff sniff. I miss it so.

  5. Stacy Uncorked said...

    TV has been a wasteland, hasn't it? I'm glad Fringe is starting 'early' compared to shows on other networks... And having to wait another 6 months for LOST is excruciating! :)

    My hubby has the same feeling about flowers that yours does...which is why I rarely get any. But he does surprise me every so often (usually when I remind him to...heh, heh!)

    Good luck with your upper Endoscopy on Monday - I had a few of those because I did have GERT which they repaired year-before-last. Have they checked your gall bladder? They discovered mine was bad after they did the esophagus surgery and I was still having abnormal they yanked it out. Now everything's great! :)

    Happy FF! :)

  6. Sara Elizabeth said...

    I was going to say nearly the same think Stacy did. My mom had the same procedure done due to GI problems and acid reflux disease. They had to go in, look around, remove some scared tissue from her acid reflux disease. Anyway, long story short, she had her gall bladder removed. Somehow all of these things are connected sometimes.

  7. Eternal Lizdom said...

    I've tried and tried to get my husband to understand that giving flowers isn't about what HE likes- it's about what I like!!!

  8. Stacey said...

    Hoping you get your flowers sooner rather than later!

    Also hope your endoscopy goes as well as possible!

  9. Jenni said...

    The television situation is a little desperate right now, isn't it? I do enjoy Big Brother and True Blood though!

    I am glad your kiddos are getting a good start to the school year! We start next week...

  10. John Deere Mom said...

    Glad the kids are adjusting to school so well!
    TV does suck right now. We are also watching Ice Road Truckers, Wipeout, and Man Vs. Food. That's about it.
    Hope your husband gets your subtle flower hints! :)

  11. Kate said...

    Totally agree with you...TV sucks lately!! I've been watching awholeheckofalotof HGTV...a girl can dream right?!?! ;) Hey, thanks for the spotlight!! WOW!

  12. Mike said...

    Sounds like a busy house. I agree, nothing on tv lately. Come on fall premires...

  13. Mrs4444 said...

    Yea for the kids doing well and liking school so far :) Tell your daughter to keep it up! The more classes she jumps ahead now, the more likely she'll be taking college credit in high school (and the schools here pay for that!)

    Good luck with your test!!!!

    No time for TV these days. As you can see, it's 3am, and I didn't even have any fun staying up (I was cleaning, and only stopped 15 minutes ago to wind down before bed). Miss you. Have a great week :)

  14. Jeanna said...

    Fabulous photos!

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