Notes from Campsite 79

Camping isn't my 'thing.'

It's hubby's thing, and the kids like it too with conditions.

Conditions meaning they get to go tubing and kneeboarding on their uncle's boat.

I can hang on a boat all day, that's not bad.

But, the whole camping-dirt-smelling like burnt marshmallows and bug!

A few things of note that I heard each early morning...

--a guy throwing up...dude, you're STEPS from the bathroom, run!
--those huge fan boats that sound like a lawn mower, but a million times louder!
--CRAZY-ass birds! They were so loud and mocking and I wish I was a good shot with My Boy's slingshot!
--snoring, loud snoring.
--skunks tearing into our mini-cereal boxes, their favorite was Honey Nut Cheerios.

Other camping realizations...
--you never realize how loud tent zippers are when they're undone at 3 in the morning for a potty break!
--hot dogs are the easiest food to make, plus when the ice melts in the cooler, they're still okay
--ice melts fast
--if you bring meat, cook it quickly
--buy ice often
--bring quarters for the shower

Next year you just might find me staying at the hotel at the Indian casino down the road!

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  1. Shannon said...

    You are a much braver woman than I. I've never been camping... I'm not sure I'd even make it through the night even if I was just in my own backyard!

  2. He & Me + 3 said...

    I hate camping. i only went when I was a girl scout. So, I would send the hubs and kids on their way for some bonding time. LOL maybe they could do that next year while you are at blogher. :)

  3. Mel said...

    Growing up we went camping all the time, but my husband will only consider going if it involves his parents RV with a tv and AC. I do remember the zippers being very loud in the middle of the night and early in the morning when my parents would get up! As far as the smell of fire, smores, and bug spray...good memories!!! Congrats for being a fun mommy and braving the camping conditions.

  4. Sarah said...

    Quarters for the showers you say? Interesting. I loved camping as a child; I wonder how I feel about it now that I'm a 30 something.

  5. Bren said...

    To me camping is a cabin with a shower, kitchen and windows with screens. No tents for me! You are a trooper that's for sure!

  6. Saved by Grace said...

    I have to agree about camping - I would much rather stay in the casino hotel down the road ;-)

    Kudos to you for trying!

  7. Tenakim said...

    ugh! Just returned from the "farm"- 300 acres of middle of nowhere isolation from the world. It's peaceful in theory and small doses. We at least have a house at a kitchen, electricity and running water (be it from a well). I CANNOT camp! You are a stronger woman than I!

  8. sheila said...

    I never 'got' the whole camping thing. Bleh. Bugs, dirt, the smell of bugs and dirt. All that cooking on a campfire? Isn't that why God created Holiday Inns? lol

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