School's Cool, She Says

Junior High has proven positive for DQ, as of days 1 and two.

Some quotes...

"I met two new girls today!"
"We did a human knot."
"Yes, I can wear my Converse with all my outfits and P.E."
"I have P.E. first period and I can wear my gym clothes TO school"
"We have block schedule like the high schoolers!"
"Our lunch menu is SO much better than the elem. school! It has PIZZA, salad, and deli sandwiches!"
"I found the restrooms!"
"One of the 7th graders remembers me from elem. school!"
(When picking her up by her last class) "You are SO not in the car pick up line right now."


Good news, our oldest is already adapting far better than I worried!

Who knew that serving pizza by the slice (from her FAVE restaurant in town) could make her actually L-O-V-E her new school?

It's the little things.

So what will I worry about now?

-My Boy getting a new speech teacher this year.

-K starting preschool September 8th.

-K getting referred to speech in preschool.

-My Boy picking up soccer like he did with baseball.

-Meeting my new gastroenterologist next week.

-Practicing Spanish.

-The stress of the parent pick up car loops

And I thought all my worries were gone!

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  1. Merrie said...

    Awesome! We had a good first day, too, though Noelle is definitely on alert to improve her printing skillz. Hopefully that's the worst of her stress this year.

  2. Keyona said...

    And we all know how COOL it is to get to wear your gym clothes TO school. Comfy! LOL!! Glad she loves it!

  3. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    Pizza can make me like just about anything so I totally understand.

  4. McMommy said...

    This just got me sooooo excited for school to begin on monday!!

  5. Former Fat Chick said...

    Llamame y te ayudo a practicar! ciao loca!

  6. Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said... be so overjoyed by the little things again! It's great to hear that her first days in Junior High were happy ones!

    Hope the rest of your 'worry' list falls into place. Specially the car pick up one! Those can be hell on wheels!

  7. A Christian Mom said...

    Yay! I'm glad she's liking it. Hope she keeps the same outlook the rest of the year!

  8. Moonrayvenne said...

    Well, we don't start back to school here in MI till September 8th. My dd will be in 11th grade & she loves her pizza also! I work in the cafeteria so I know that pizza is one of the faves, but deli sandwiches are good, too.
    I just read a blog today about the car pick-up lanes. Pretty funny. It's on Maugeritaville if you want to ck it out.

  9. Michelle said...

    Glad she's enjoying middle school.

    I swear if it is not one thing it is another!

  10. Dawn said...

    I'm glad she had a great first day!!

    My daughter wanted in the pizza line but it was too long. She was afraid she wouldn't get to sit by her BFF if she waited in it! ha!

  11. Nicolasa said...

    This is great! I love it! So happy to hear that she has adjusted so well!

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