Bar Fight

No, I wasn't throwing punches.

Well if I do, there those air punches that the boxers always do to warm up.

But, I never make skin contact.

That you know of. a group of us girls get together for yet, another going-away party for a friend.

I really start to think it's me they're moving away from, but I digress.

We start out at a pub-style restaurant, jalepeno poppers, wings, o-rings, beers, you know.

Chatting away, having a great time.

Next, we move on to our second location...the Karaoke bar.

I love a good karaoke night although I don't sing, I'm a really good supporter and clapper.

Believe me, it's better that way.

So my girls are singing away to "Redneck Woman," "Proud Mary," "I Love Rock and Roll," and my new fave, "Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi....hell-ya.

Poor Merrie has a song-malfunction, TWICE with her Vince Gill song, but she totally Milli-Vanilli's it like a champ!

Then, enter some shady characters. These guys end up hitting on my friends before the incident occurs.

Total stare-off in the middle of the dance-floor area.

That is scary as hell.

I just felt in my bones that there was going to be a fight and I did say this aloud.

Next thing you know, trash talking then some blows and then someone slams into the Karaoke lady's table.

My girl, G has it down, "Everyone out the back" and we briefly stare agape at the chaos before getting the hell out of dodge.

Back door leads to the alley where we see a guy-shirtless and getting the bleep literally kicked out of him.

Not knowing if these guys have weapons, some bystanders tell us to head around the back of the building, just in case...sirens are finally heard roaring up the street.

Friggen scary.

Another friend makes a comment that I still to this moment can't shake...."That is someone's son!" referring to the guy we saw getting pummeled.

We made it out safe and some other friends were lucky enough to leave early and miss it.

Funny enough, the singers in our group...ticked they didn't get their last songs in to sing. LOL

I'm not sure if next time will include me present.

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  1. M@ said...

    come on, admit it. You got your friends to safety then ran back inside and opened up a can of whoopass on everyone in the place.

  2. Courtney said...

    Wow that is one wild night! I hardly ever go to the bar anymore because it seems like drama is always on the horizon. I am glad it was a good night up til then!

  3. Tara R. said...

    That would be scary. Good to hear none of your group was hurt.... or arrested.

  4. Jenni said...

    Yikes! I am glad you made it out of there without having to hurt anyone, Jen!

  5. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Wow, scary!

    Looks like you may need to start carrying homemade shanks for your next GNO.

    I am glad you made it home safely.

  6. Merrie said...

    Let's remember that this place is less a "karaoke bar" and more a dive that happened to have karaoke that night. LOL Now I know why I usually go in there earlier in the evening and don't stay too late. I'd never seen it that crowded!

    Thanks for the lowdown on what happened. I'm not sorry we left just before and SO glad nobody (in our group) got hurt.

    The rest of the night rocked, though! I'm still thinking about those poppers with a Newcastle. It was nice getting to spend time with you!

  7. Terri said...

    left - right - jab! oh forget that and just swing your purse! or run for the hills - I like that option.

    Having a giveaway at my place if you are interested....with your popularity you could kill it!

  8. Unknown said...

    How come my girl's night outs are never that interesting. I think I need new friends.

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