Only on the Weekends

Little K came home sick from preschool Thursday.

Runny nose led to a cough, led to a sore throat.

Pediatrician was sure it was just a bad cold and sent us on our way.

Because she's learning to share so well in preschool, she decided to share her virus with me.

Isn't that sweet!?

Aw it's okay.

It's the weekend.

We, as moms, can afford to ONLY get sick on the weekends.

Doing so allows for my hubby to help me out.

And by help me out I mean let me lay there on the couch and whine and sometimes fetch me some Tylenol and a Hershey's bar.

And he did. Love you sweets.

My throat feeling like I'd swallowed nails whole and my headache was torturous.

But, we watched movies all last night and that was kinda fun.

Note to others, 17, Again, is not a true family-friendly movie even though Zac Efron is in it and it starts like High School Musical.

Also, I Love You, Man! was funny though the constant laughing made my head bounce and hurt more.

Today is a catch-up day.

Caught up on some sleep, cleaning, and projects.

Still feeling weak, but again, having another adult home helps so much.

Next time you need to get sick, pencil it in for the weekend!

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  1. A Christian Mom said...

    I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better quickly! Must be something going around, because Olivia started it on Monday, I was sick Tuesday-Friday, exactly like you described it. I still have a cough & running nose, but feeling much better, so I hope you get better fast, as well.

    Give your hubby a high five for me. I'm glad you had help. Mine is home, since he still hasn't found a job since being laid off & he did NOTHING! I still cooked, cleaned & took care of the kids. :(

  2. Unknown said...

    Being sick is the worst! Glad hubby got you the tylenol and chocolate, what a sweetheart!

    I'll have to check those movies out. I think I Love You Man is on our Netflix list...but I think I'll add the other one, too!

    Get well soon, hon!

  3. Mrs4444 said...

    Sorry to hear you were sick, but I'm glad you did relax. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Hope that you are feeling better soon. Those days are sometimes the best and the worst all at once! Doctors orders REST (and in case you were wondering..I am not a doctor)

  5. Unknown said...

    There is always junk going around! Certainly never any fun...glad though that hubby was around to help out. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  6. Yvette said...

    Oh no! I hope you are feeling better! I dont have kids, but I always seem to get sick on the weekends too. It sucks! Nice of your hubby to help out :)
    Enjoy your week! I hope your little one is feeling better too!

  7. Swirl Girl said...

    The good , the bad and the ugly about school starting up again.
    I hope you're feeling better.

  8. Sally said...

    Sounds like you and the little one have the same stuff I do. It stinks!

    Having a giveaway on my blog in memory of my 17 year old grandson who passed away a week ago this Weds if you or someone you know is interested. It's for a skateboard.


  9. Clare said...

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  10. Sue Wilkey said...

    OMG did we love "17 Again"!!!!

    "Are you peacocking?"

    "Carnations? What a douche."

    "Are you either a vampire or a cyborg???
    "vampire wouldn't tell, cyborg wouldn;t know.'

  11. Kiki said...

    I gave lil' D at least a month before he would get sick from starting school up again. He made it one day. Last Wednesday was his first day. Thursday morning he woke up with an upset stomach. It lasted through the next day. No school on Friday. He had caught a bug in just one day. Hope you feel 100% soon. We saw I Love You, Man and LOVED it! Glad you enjoyed it. Take care.

  12. Michelle said...

    I am with you! No time to be sick during the week. Much too busy.

    Get well soon!

  13. Ann Harrison said...

    How organized are you?! Getting sick on the weekend like that :->

    I had "something" yesterday and I couldn't believe how flustered the whole family became. You're right. Mom's can only get sick on the weekends.

  14. Michelle said...

    I penciled it in for this past weekend but my stupid cold won't leave me! I keep trying to tell myself I am too busy to be sick. Trying to get extra rest and sleep today!

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