Tuesday's Random Rambling

What's that smell, you ask?!

Oh just Lysol...I'm de-germinating.

The kids all went back to school today thanks to their strong immune systems.

Me, well, I'm still achey with this persistent sore throat and head cold.

I'll be visiting the doctor later today.

In the mean time I knocked out this fab-o spaghetti sauce recipe that my SIL handed down.

My pores are still oozing garlic and the house smells like Little Italy.

That added Cayenne pepper, seriously good for the sinuses!

On the way home from Preschool this morning, K and I had this stimulating conversation..

Me: I saw you had a cake for someone's birthday, do you remember his name.
K: No, it's a boy.

K: Mommy, Thumbert is too widdle for peeskool. Thumbert is the name of the thumb she sucks
Me: Oh yeah? Well, he's (don't know why it's a HE) with you every day!
K: Yeah, but not in my mowss (mouth)

K: Mommy, I missed you!
Me: I missed you too, but I get to see you now after all the fun you had.
K: I miss my house.

Have you ever watched the show Numbers?

Hubby likes it, mainly because they say words like algorithm and heuristics every other minute.

I like it because Rob Morrow is hot and the Fonz is in it too...though not really that hot anymore!

Anyhoo, we watched 3 episodes last night and I got totally turned around because they were taped in May and have been on our DVR since then.

Often you forget to FF through a commercial and I saw a news brief on the Jesusita fires in Santa Barbara (where i'm headed in a few weeks) and I was all, "HOLY CRUD not again!!!" and then my hub reminded me, "honey, this was in May..." and I was SO relieved.

Kanye on the VMA's so unclassy, poor Taylor Swift!

RIP Patrick Swayze.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    oo my DH likes numbers too! Love the convo you had with K.. to sweet!!

  2. SparkleFarkel said...

    Sweet kiddiwink conversation! Boy, that's got to be hard work for your little one and Thumbert to know his place during pre-school hours. Pats on the back for the both of them! (Three of them? Are there two Thumberts?)

  3. Leslie said...

    Hope you start feeling better. I've had a cold that's just been soo hard to kick too! Ugh!

  4. The Mom Jen said...

    SparkleFarkle:--she only sucks her right thumb...the other just doesn't taste good LOL

    JAM, went to the doc and now on anti-B's and have codeine...crossing my fingers! Get well soon!

  5. Unknown said...

    I really hope you start feeling better soon, hon! Poor thing--I love the smell of Lysol...is that weird?

    And K is such a cutie! I love reading your conversations...she makes me laugh each time :)

  6. Swirl Girl said...

    so cute!
    Kanye always was and always will be an asshat even if he hadn't done that to a 17 year old (who handled it with dignity and grace) and I dislike Beyonce a little less right now too.

  7. MamaJoss said...

    Oh would you feel better already you poor thing :( You've suffered for too long now...

  8. MamaJoss said...

    Woah....almost went on to read some more of your blog and just saw that I'm in the spotlight...sick and all - you rock! Thanks Jen :)

  9. Tenakim said...

    now- I'm dying for spaghetti!

  10. Clare said...

    that spagetti recipe sounds awesome!! when do i get to be spotlight of the week?? jk:)

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