Car Twin

If you have a white or black SUV you probably head to parking lots and go to the wrong car a lot.

See that didn't happen much to us.

We have a unique model and color car.

Well we HAD a unique car.

There are two other identical cars like ours in town now.

Our very small town.

One happens to drive a child to the same school My Boy attends.

The other shops at the same grocery store.

Our little car twins are all over town and it seems they are doing the same thing we're doing at the same time.


Our family jokes are always things like:

"Oh there WE go!"

"Wonder where WE are going today!"

"Oh look WE got new hibiscus seat covers!"

And random things like that.

We even wonder if the people in the other twin cars think the same thing about us.

They're probably saying,

"We had this car first."

"Our car is far cleaner!"

"Why didn't they get a black SUV."

Delusional right!?

I guess that's what happens when you're in the car 100 miles per week chauffering kids around.

You make up imaginary stories about other drivers.

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  1. Laura Marchant said...

    What are you driving, lol?

  2. Nicole said...


  3. 3boys247 said...

    I feel your pain. When we moved to our house (11 years ago), our car was the third green Ford Windstar on the 12 house cul-de-sac. Awkward.

  4. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Oh that is too funny!!!! I mean maybe you should get a sticker for the back window that says "This is the OTHER one" LOL

  5. SparkleFarkel said...


  6. Anonymous said...

    We have an olive colored mini van. And so do about 10 other people in our small town. My kids are always trying to get in the wrong van. lol Sometimes I let them just for a laugh. =)

  7. Marla said...

    i'd like to see a twin shot... and i'm with you, i'd make up stories like that about the other car, in fact i do when i see the rare orange saturn driving down the road.

  8. Leslie said...

    Now I'm curious... what color IS your car? I unfortunately have one of those cars that EVERYONE has. Silver Honda. Need I say more? Trying to find the car in the Target parking lot is not an easy task!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway and posting my button. Good luck!

  9. Peaches said...

    LOL! That's so funny!! We have so many car twins in our small town that I have to get a distinctive sticker on the back so that we can even locate our own car!

    Have a good weekend.

  10. Michelle said...

    Too funny! I have a 2004 Silver Honda Accord so everyone has the same car as me.

  11. bless their hearts mom said...

    better than your 2 yr old scream " they stole momma's car" when said 'twin' rolls by while enroute to where "our" car is parked, and causing LOTS of people to turn and stare. It takes a lot of showing to convince a 2 yr old that the car in the parking spot is indeed HERS and was not stolen.....SIGH.....

    even when we bought an unusual brand (suzuki) for hubby, twins started showing up...just think of it as you were the first and they're all following YOU, you trendsetter you! lol

  12. Carri said...

    I have to set of my alarm to find my car constantly because there are more then car twins, in a three building radius of our community there are octuplets of my car. Silver Hyundai, man I should have gone for red.

  13. Molly said...

    Yes, I do that too. There are several Honda's just like ours and we do say, oh I wonder where we are headed this time...and sometimes when we are stuck in traffic or at a light, we make up stories about the drivers around us.

  14. Patois42 said...

    At least you're not flipping yourselves off, eh?

  15. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    You are in the car just taking kids to and fro for a 100 miles each week!?! Wow, I'm impressed.

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