Living With a Tween.

Living with a TWEENager is like living with a great white shark.

They'll circle you and circle you until they attack.

Hormones and attitude and mood swings oh my!

Truly, you never know what they want.

At any moment there can be a fountain of tears.

A sudden rage.

A bountiful amount of hugs and kisses.

I'm so confused.

It's like walking on land mines.

"It's not fair!"

"I am SO old enough."

"You don't even care!"

"You don't understand!"

Oh I do.

I remember what it was like being you.

I was you.

Now I'm the mom.



House rules-family rules.

Why can't you go to a public event unsupervised!?

You are too young.

I know your friend's mom is letting her go.

It's not you I worry about, it's the other people.

You'll understand one day.

When you're a mom.

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  1. Lisa Conner said...

    Great article! I have a 16 yr. old boy & oh my, It's hard to be a Mom! lol

  2. Martha said...

    I'm in the midst of it too... you forgot (or maybe you don't get) WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH?

    Wanna share a bottle of wine?

  3. The Mom Jen said...

    Martha, YES! Oh and I get "You like MB or K more!"

  4. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Jen, I am in the exact same stage as you. She will break out in tears over the most ridiculous things. I never know what is gonna set her off. I can totally feel your pain. Ugh this too shall pass....hopefully.

  5. The Mom Jen said...

    Amy come join our W(h)ine Party!

  6. Martha said...

    W(h)ine part - glasses up ladies!

    Oh, yeah, I forgot that one, but she tells me I like the DOG better!

    I think I should have bought two bottles!

  7. Heather B. said...

    My EXACT life right at this very moment! *insert BIGGEST eye roll EVER*

  8. He & Me + 3 said...

    Oh my I know that. You know I never truly appreciated my parents until I became one. I was kind of hoping that my kids would appreciate me sooner, but I was once them, so I know I too will have to wait for them to understand & appreciate the decisions I make concerning them. It is hard being a parent, but yet the most rewarding job ever.

  9. Unknown said...

    I KNOW we will have it tough with my daughter when it comes to those tween and teen years...I have already been praying for us all! I hope that you all survive these tough years fun sometimes!

  10. Sheila said...

    You have no idea how deep the ocean water is over here!!! My tween is the shark that ate the shark these days.

  11. Ranch Girl said...

    Okay, maybe having a boy isn't so bad - M just tries to pretend I don't exist when we're at school. A touch of attitude at home, but I'm thinking the girl tween is a bit more of a challenge!

  12. Carri said...

    My daughter is only 9 and I thought I was in the midst of tweenage but then again I know I have a few more years. If it is this hard now I wonder what teenage children will be like.

  13. Christine said...


  14. Patois42 said...

    Oh, man, I hate growing up.

  15. Jen said...

    I hear ya! I have a tween and there are days that I just shake my head...they will never really believe that we know how hard it is, until, like you said, they are a mom.

  16. life in the mom lane said...

    Been there done that... it sucks...
    my youngest is almost 16 (and a boy) so he seems* (*key word) somewhat easier, but my girls....geez.......

  17. Anonymous said...

    So true!!

  18. Swirl Girl said...

    I hear ya, sista - oh boy do I hear ya!

  19. Michelle said...

    My husband kids that kids have terrible 8's and 9's too. I know it is only going to get worse. It seems like the attitude level has settled down in my house over the past couple months. Either that or I have just adjusted to our new normal.

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