NOT a "Q" Again!!

Be jealous.

Instead of waking at the butt-crack of dawn to shop amid hoardes of people...

We all slept in until 9am.

But, something you probably didn't get to experience was your youngest child having a tantrummy kind of day upon waking through midday.

And, tons of 8 and 11 year old fighting.

Alas, after a turkey-free lunch at Super Taqueria with extra hot-sauce, chill pills were passed around and it got significantly quieter.

Yesterday's Thanksgiving weather was a mild 70 well past 3pm which was so lovely.

Per usual, I stuffed myself silly and both my mom and I were a tad hungover last night and this morning.

Blame the Gewertzeminer.

But, today the weather changed and it was a cloudy, chilly fall day.

Still having had enough turkey for 364 more days, we went for salad, spaghetti, and bread tonight.

Plus a Scrabble-marathon continuing over from yesterday.

Hubby still gets haunted by that "Q" and never getting a "U" to go with it.

Dammit, why aren't there more words with Q in it!?

I usually get the "J" and the "Z" and often AIOEIOU, then have to redraw.

It's serious Friday night party action, I'm telling you.

Yesterday Yaya claimed that after a few glasses of wine, she got smarter in the game.

It's true. It happens to me too.


Gone are the days of Friday night poker, and bingo.

Scrabble championships here we come.

We've been talking about gifts for eachother and as romantic as it sounds, I think I may be getting an official Scrabble dictionary.

That definitely spells L-O-V-E.

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  1. junebug said...

    I love playing scrabble but my family refuses to play with my hubby anymore because he is too slow for us. I'm not sure which is worse a z or a x. Both are annoying. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get that dictionary. :-)

  2. Martha said...

    Sounds like fun. I might have to get the Scrabble game from storage today when we pull out the Christmas decorations! My mom and I like to play.

  3. michelle said...

    Wow. My kids were insane yesterday too until I stuffed them full of McDonald's.

    What's that about?

    Scrabble is good food. It's probably one of those activities that keeps Alzheimer's at bay.

    How many points would you get for Alzheimer's?

  4. Honey B. said...

    I got my sister a Scrabble dictionary, and because she took sooooo long to check EVERYthing in the dictionary, I've sinced repossessed it.

  5. Swirl Girl said...


    don't ask me what it means...but it works in scrabble.

    tonite is our family game nite and I think we'll stick to Pictureka and Gestures!


  6. Michelle said...

    Sounds like a great Friday!

  7. Tiffany said...

    We love Scrabble! You will have to get the scrabble dictionary because there are actually a few words that start with Q and don't have a U immediately following. Oh, wow, I just really sounded like a scrabble nerd! What can I say, we love it!

  8. Carri said...

    I love scrabble but sadly can never come up with good words. I "cheat" and check out the dictionary before we play so I can make some killer point words. I hope you get the scrabble dictionary I never knew they had one.

  9. Lady Blackhart said...

    Here's a 'Q' hint....when desperation strikes and there is no available 'U' "Qi" is a word (thank you Scrabble on Facebook). Just don't ask me what it means....LOL

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