I Have Four Hands This Week!

So it's awesome this week...Hubby is home with us.

He gets x amount of vacation hours and saves about 5 days or so to close out the year.

It's fabulous.

We don't have huge plans or anything, just doing the same old thing but with an extra pair of hands.

Well there's the sleeping in for him, which is lovely I presume, he's not a morning person at all.

Then there's the puttering around, the little fix-it jobs here and there, and playing in his favorite room, the garage.

He loves that stuff. Just hanging around.

I often like to get away during these times. I'm always home.

But, we do compromise and go bowling, for scenic drives, or other out-of-the-house things that are inexpensive but fun.

Lots of game-playing has been happening, and one of my favorites this week so far, the midday barbecue!

His famous tri-tip, salad and chili beans. At 2pm. So cool.

Fabulous family time.

What never changes is the kid chaos.

The noise level is still high. The kids still struggle to be in eachother's space all day long, but Hubby is here all day to live it as I have these past 11 years.

I hope he appreciates my sacrifice.

I was just chatting on the phone with a friend. She too has been home with her kids more than she's worked outside the home.

It's not for everyone.

It's hard work.

Rewarding?! Hell yeah, but still can do weird things to your mind, your soul, your mojo.

Luckily I have a strong group of friends, that like me, can get out once in a while for a GNO (girl's night out).

A re-grouping of sorts, a reminder that not only are we moms, but we are women that have other interests and also like to have fun.

Tonight's one of those nights.

One friend suggests it, I get on the horn with the next gal, we make it happen.

Sitters are called, dinner reservations made (well in a sense)...and we do it.

Often when I'm chatting with a girlfriend, one of us says, "When can I pick you up..?" and the other belts out, "NOW is good!" even if it is hours away.

Joking?! Yes, but no.

Let's just say we're always ready to go at the drop of the hat to get to our night's out.

I don't get away without mom-guilt though.

My oldest and youngest like to literally pull on me as I'm walking out the door with their, "please don't leave we'll miss you!" drama.

If I could only get them to understand...

Mommy will be a better mommy if you let me go.

I will be, promise.

Now get off my leg!

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  1. Swirl Girl said...

    That's my mantra!

    I go away about twice a year with out the kids or Hubby.

    I tell them it makes me a better mommy if I can be a human being once in a while.


  2. The Mother said...

    And then we have families like mine, where kids descend from all parts of the country. Every child then reverts at least four years, to where they were when the first kid left the house.

    NOT pretty. Calgon, take me away.

  3. He & Me + 3 said...

    Enjoy your GNO I love those but don't get them near enough.

  4. Coffee with Cathy said...

    Ah, Girls' Night Out! It's wonderful now that everybody in one of my groups officially has All Grownup Adult Children and we can extend our GNO into Girls' Weekends Out guilt-free -- well, except for husbands, of course.

  5. CalgaryDaddy said...

    I bet you are glad to have him home this time of year! Have fun!


  6. Shana Putnam said...

    Awesome! I have 4 hands this week to! We already went through our bedroom today and cleaned out all drawers and closets and gave away all the stuff we didnt want and took the garbage to the burn pile to burn tomorrow. Tomorrow is ofice/craftroom and master bathroom. I know there are lotions in there older than Blaze...lol. Glad to hear you have some help.

  7. mama's smitten said...

    Can't wait to hear about your GNO !

  8. Merrie said...

    I love how we rally for one another -- tonight was such a perfect example. Your friendship means SO much to me. Thank you Jen! Enjoy the rest of your week home with the fam. I'm enjoying that, too, for the most part. :)

  9. Shana said...

    Having my GNO tonight! Can't wait. Glad you had yours....very refreshing!!!!

  10. Martha said...

    I am so glad you enjoyed your GNO. I DO NOT have enough GNO time - even if it is just out by myself. I guess I will look back in a few years when Tara doesn't want to spend time with me and be thankful we were together so much.. but Mama needs a little space - I am so hoping I get my part time job at Walgreens so I can get out a few evenings a week!

  11. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    How awesome! Enjoy your time.

  12. prashant said...

    Every child then reverts at least four years, to where they were when the first kid left the house.

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